Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Alright, so summer is coming to a close and I'm hoping activity will begin to pick up again, ESPECIALLY, with the House Feud going on. Which the link to everything you need is Here

We also welcome Zeek to the Battle Team, and with that we come to my major point. If you have been inactive, you will be removed from the battle team. If you are inactive, just email me and I'll make sure your not removed.

Which brings us to our next point, the activity check.


Passed Krath Core

Passed Force Philosophy

Earned Maven in Philosophy

Character Sheet Approved


Passed Leadership Studies


Passed Dark Brotherhood Basics

Promoted to ACO

Passed Training Lightsaber Course


Character Sheet Approved

Qualified for the ACC

Competition Approved


Passed History of the Sith 1, 2(twice), and 3

Passed Old Republic History

Passed Training Lightsaber Course

Took the Advancement Survey

Character sheet approved

Promoted to ACO

Passed ACC Basics

Passed Pre Republic HIstroy

Passed Astronomy

Active competitions aside from the Feud.

[ Bounty Hunter Rundown/a>

<a href="http://darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/CompetitionDetails.asp?page=1&order=Queue_Comp.StartDate%20DESC,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4422"> Sock Whiskey?/a>

<a href="http://darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/CompetitionDetails.asp?page=1&order=Queue_Comp.StartDate%20DESC,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4389"> The Konus Challenge (TKC) - Written Segment/a>

<a href="http://darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/CompetitionDetails.asp?page=1&order=Queue_Comp.StartDate%20DESC,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4390"> The Konus Challenge (TKC) - Ground Segment/a>

Oh and by the way here's the Feud link again, <a href="http://www.nagasadow.org/childrenofwar/main.php"> Here </a>

Real life:

So I'm gearing up for college which I'll be at starting next Tuesday, and that should be pretty fun. I will still be very active in the DB while I'm there, I might not be on at the computer all the time but I will be around at times, usually 6-9 will be my classes. Also, as you all know I've changed my email. This is due to my parents always seeing [Log in to view e-mail addresses] when they opened firefox this summer. So to prevent them from having a heart attack, I've changed my email to this. Something I can use for the DB and for real life as well.


Inactive members = gone

LOTS of Activity from you all this week


New email address and College

-DJK Fremoc</a></a></a>](http://darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/CompetitionDetails.asp?page=1&order=Queue_Comp.StartDate%20DESC,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4428)

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