Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

The air was filled with tension and with battle. Jade sighed. The life of a Dark jedi was one always filled with fighting. As she turned around she tiled her head smirking evilly at her reflection in the window. Though one may grow weary the fight was something that always drove the Dark Jedi. It drove her Masters, it drove her Apprentices, it drove her House, it even drove her. The Dark side was strong, though she hated to see her house thrown into another situation where they had to fight, let alone fight their own brothers and sisters, the time had come.

 Jade laughed evilly, fire crackling in her palms, forming small balls that hovered mere inches.  Her fang extended as her eyes went to a soulless black.  They had fought hard for the title of first house, and she had no doubt her House would be victorious in doing it again.  


  If you haven’t guessed, or lifted that rock above your head we are currently in a House Feud. What does this mean? It means that House Ludo Kressh thinks we are weak pansies and can be easily run into the dirt!!!!!  

  I on the other hand know far too well that you are WAY better then that!! Heck you managed to take us to win the last House Feud to take the Title of First House!!!!!  AWESOME JOB!!!!  So let’s kick some more but and show HLK just how tough their neighbours really are!!!  

 Incase you do not have the Website, or have seen my emails that lists it over 5 or so times, lol here is the site again: http://www.nagasadow.org/childrenofwar/main.php  

So make sure you check it out!

 Also I’m keeping track for all those after Feud goodies and the like of your activity o make sure if you don’t see your name on here that you get back to me ASAP!!!  

WEEK ONEWEEK TWO (Currently in Progress)


Flash GamesFlash Games



William Darkfire

ACC sign upACC




Shadow AcademyShadow Academy




Run OnRun On





William Darkfire


Cross WordCross Word

William Darkfire





Caption ContestCaption Contest


  So although I know I am missing a couple of people I am sure, I know we can do MUCH MUCH better!!! Your QUA included!!! I have many plans of the things I’m going to do, after this report it’s off to the Run On.   

  So get out there and fight all!! This is for the honor of your House!! I know we can totally do it!!! Let’s show HLK just who they are dealing with!!! For MARKA RAGNOS!!!!!  

Battle Teams

  An over haul of the battle teams is being worked on, and thanks to Manji assisting me we are figuring out some ways of getting the things done that Zaxen and I have been wanting to be put into place for a while now.  New members have been placed into the teams to fill up the rosters.  However being in a Battle Team is one where you have a strong merit and commitment to your team members as they do to you, so if you are not active within two weeks, not including if you go on LOA of course, you will be removed from the team to make room for another who would benefit.  You can of course get back into the team by contacting myself, and the Battle Team Leader.    


       Night Hawks: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/viewreport.asp?ID=12985  

        Night Raptors:  



We have had many man members come in of late which is awesome!!! Make sure you say hi to them all!!!

Tyren returns to us from Arcona

Ylith returns from Rogues

APP Darling comes from the Shadow Academy

APP Isabella Quinn come to us from Arcona

APP Mark Jenkins comes to us from the Shadow Academy

APP Alex Shadow comes back to us from Rogues


   I brought this up a couple times and in my last report. It was suggested that we begin something on Twitter where we could almost do something in character wise or even in RL wise.  Though most of us are connected by facebook and currently we have a Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos facebook group, I’m currently looking into the possibility of Twitter.  If you have any thoughts or comments on the idea please email myself and Zaxen.  

Puzzel Master Comp

  Week one of the competition run by Xander has seen our very own Manji take second over all place! That’s AWESOME!!!! Make sure you congratulate him on his placing.  Week two is currently taking place.  I know a couple of you along with myself have entered into the competition. It’s a lot of fun especially if you like word searches!!! So get out and have some fun doing it!  It was emailed to the Clan, so if you can not find it let me know and I will make sure you get a copy of it!!!  

Shadow Academy

Zeek Donids passed Astronomy!!!! Awesome job!!!

Zeek Donids passed History of the Sith Empire III! Wicked!

Zeek Donids passed History of the Sith Empire II! Great work!!

Zeek Donids passed History of the Sith Empire I! Way to get the Triple Play!!!

Zeek Donids passed Old Republic History!!! Keep it trucking!

Zeek Donids passed Training Saber Course!! Awesome!

Zeek Donids passed ACC Basics!! You are on a roll!!!

Zeek Donids passed Pre-Republic History!! Ouch, he’s on fire!

Zeek Donids passed IRC Basics!! Man you Love the SA!

Zeek Donids passed Dark Brotherhood Basics!!

Baki Keiju passed Training Saber Course!!! Kick butt!!!

Baki Keiju passed Dark Brotherhood Basics!! Simply Great!!!

Baki Keiju passed Grammar Studies!!! Awesome work!!

Teu has passed Leadership Studies!!! AWESOME!!!

Fremoc received a Dark Maven in Philosophy!!! Way to go!!!!

Fremoc Passed Krath Core!! Awesome!!!

Fremoc Passed Force Philosophy!! Keep them coming!!!

Fremoc Passed Obelisk Core!! Kick’n butt!!


  Something that we all want and congratulate those that have!  

Baki Keiju has been promoted to ACO!!!! Way to GO!!!

Zeek Donids has been promoted to ACO!!! Kicking some Jedi Butt!!!!

Ryuk has been promoted to Guardian!!! WAY TO GO!!!! It will be great to see you knighted!!!

Ilse Sana has been promoted to Novice!!! Awesome work!!! Keep it up!!!

I am also pleased to note that very soon we will have a couple of our members be knighted, so look for this exciting ceremony coming soon!!!


Nix Graves received a Crescent with Quartz Star! Awesome!

Fremoc received a Crescent with Emerald Star! Way to go!

Teu received a Crescent with Topaz Star!! Kick butt!!

Way more to come especially with the Feud results!!!


FEUD!!!!!!! Go DO IT!!!!!! http://www.nagasadow.org/childrenofwar/main.php

As always my door is ALWAYS open!! So drop me a line if ya have a question or even if ya just want to chat! [Log in to view e-mail addresses], [Log in to view e-mail addresses], or JadeHMR, ETC on IRC.

KAP Jades A Sadow (Krath)/QUA/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

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