Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report


-> ### Recent News <-

Wow, it's been a while since I've had one of these out. I apologize for this. Since my last report:

Our feud has come to completion. House Exar Kun emerged victorious.

During the last month, very little has happened on the Brotherhood Scale. As you can see from the bottom of my report here, while the DB as a whole has been going through an inactive period, Clan Plagueis has not. I'm extremely proud that you guys haven't gone into a complete coma after the Great Jedi War. We've got a great core of hard-working individuals here.

Recently, a few positions have opened in other Clans in leadership. <A HREF"=">Clan Arcona's Proconsul and <A HREF"=">House Dorimad Sol of CSP Aedile are both open.

Just the other day, Cethgus Kuga has stepped down as Quaestor of House Exar Kun. Given his exemplary performance as Aedile, Ood will be stepping into the position. This means that House Exar Kun now has an opening at Aedile! Expect an email detailing how to apply. If I do say so myself, CP has a great amount of potential leadership talent and very few spots with which to put it. This could be your time.

And, of interest to our newer members, the Headmaster and his Praetor are both going to be slow in their turnaround time for the next couple of weeks or so. We realize that to you guys, the SA is the primary means for advancement in those early steps, but just bear with us for the time being. People have real lives as well, and it always takes priority.

<center### Logistical Info

Running Competitions:

<A HREF"=,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4420">Legacy of a Sith

Due September 3

Note: This is not the only competition going on in the Clan. Refer to the Competitions page of the DB website for more House and BT specific competitions for your unit.


Kodais, Revan Jr. and our former Consul Valerian Orzon have returned to be active in CP once again.

Dark Luke, Krykan, Kg, Syrus Nar'Holis, Vitram, Arrega Axterfille, Necal, Lysergian, Josca Tohar, Sergei Reaper, Raith Grak, Fernando, Scarlet Raven, Fryth Mylon, Dillon Cohen, and Jerico have joined us from the Shadow Academy.

Anubis and Cethgus have left us to spend time on the Rogues. Vorion has left for Taldryan. I wish them all well in any future endeavors.


Alaris: Hand to Hand Combat, Lightsaber Studies

Fang: Runon Studies

Impetus: Dark Savant Writing-Philosophy, Dark Maven-Service

Isildur: Conflict Meditation, Leadership Studies

Kodais: Advanced Lightsaber Studies

Lysergian: Brotherhood Basics

Nasake: Advanced Lightsaber Studies

Necal: Force Philosophy, Old Republic History, Obelisk Core, Brotherhood Basics, History of the Sith Empire I, History of the Sith Empire II

Raith: Brotherhood Basics

Tiberius: Conflict Meditation, Sith Core, Force Cults, Grammar Studies, ACC Basics, Pre Republic History, Lightsaber Studies, Chamber of Justice I, History of the Sith Empire I

Valerian: Force Cults, Brotherhood Basics, Pre Republic History, Old Republic History, Obelisk Core, Sith Core, Force Philosophy, Krath Core, Grammar Studies, History of the Sith Empire I, History of the Sith Empire II, History of the Sith Empire III

Vitram: Freighters and Transports


Ood has defeated Vorion.

Kal has defeated Nasake Shinjin.

Impetus has defeated Ood.

Fang has defeated Galaphile.

Unfortuantely, Koga was unable to qualify in his battle against Syn Kaek. Keep it up man, and ask one of us for help proofing if you need it.

Galaphile defeated Arcadian.

Ood defeated Kal.

Impetus defeated Cassandra.

Tirna timed out in a battle against Impetus.

Alexian also timed out against Impetus.

Anubis lost to Quejo, which really shouldn't surprise anyone given his first post :P.

Cethgus defeated Kaira via timeout.

Vorion defeated Kaira.


Aeshi: CoF x 60, CrE, CrT, CrS, Dark Cross

Arcadian: CoF x 11, Pennant of Blood, CrE x 2

Artemis: CoF x 23

Cassandra: CoF x 33, CrT x 2, CrE x 2, Steel Cross

Cethgus: CoF x 123, Pennant of Blood x 2, CrS, CrA

Denath: CrS

Droco: CrE, CrT, Dark Cross

Fang: CoF x 30, CrA, CrS x 2, CrQ, CrE, Steel Cross

Godo: CrS x 3, CrA x 2, CrT

Impetus: CrA x 2, CrQ, CrS, CrE

Jaecyn: CrE

Kaira: CoF x 68, CrT x 3, CrA x 2, CrS, CrE x 2, CrQ

Kal: CrEx 2, CrA, CrS

Koga: CrS x 2

Mograine: CrT x 2, Anteian Cross

Octavia: CrT

Onteron: CoF x 7, CrS

Ood: CrA

Quejo: CrT x 2

Tirna: CrT


Droco: PRT->GRD

Fang: GRD->JH

Kal: SW->SBM

Necal: APP-> NOV->ACO


Octavia: JH->DJK

Raith: APP->NOV

Tiberius: NOV->ACO->PRT

Vitram: APP->NOV

Vivackus: SW->SBM

Behind the Scenes

As you probably know, we've had some problems lately about people's actions on IRC towards other members. I'd personally hoped that these things were isolated incidents and would resolve themselves in time. Given that number and frequency of these lately, Alaris and I can no longer go on without doing something about this. Expect an official announcement about this in the near future.

With the feud over, it's time to have a bit of fun. Kaira had emailed Alaris and I a very detailed outline for an event called the Plagueis Awards. Given the depth she covered in the initial email, she saved Alaris and I really any work except to do it. We'll be setting this up soon. Thanks Kaira, and great idea.

Warrior Vivackus Kavon

_Proconsul of Clan Plagueis

Lieutenant Supreme Commander; Jusadih Armed Forces_

SW Vivackus Kavon (Sith)/QUA/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC: CL:3]

SC / AC / DC-CP / SN / Cr-6A-3S-6E-5T-7Q / CF / SoL / LS-BL / S:-9Rm


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