Monthy Fiction Competition


Monthy Fiction Competition

Title: A Picture is worth 1000 words


Or so they say, the competition is simple, there is a picture I have

placed online, and you go to it and look at it and write a star wars story based on the picture you see. The catch is this; it has to be 1000 words, not 999, not 1001. Let’s see if the age old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words is true.

Picture is at

Look at it and write me your story. There is no limit on time period,

place, persons, as long as it’s Star Wars your good to go.

Good Luck.

Start Date: 9/1/2009

End Date: 9/30/2009

Unit in Competition: Entire DJB


MS Word


Second Level Crescents


Strict Word limit 1000 words.


Not to nitpick or anything, but this isn't a report, it's the details of a competition. Looks fun though.

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