Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The window ledge felt cold as the young girl sat upon it, she curled up and was almost crying. Her eyes watched the droplets of snow fall sleekly to the frozen plains outside Alpha Base; she could feel the purr of her Voorpak stroke at her cold neck. Cassandra wiped a tear away from her pale rosy cheek; everything seemed to have finally caught up with the young Dark Jedi.

She longed to be with her real parents, but knew that would be impossible. The closest she had to family is her superior, her father like figure, Kal Vorrac. She admired him, and the bond between them acted stronger now than ever. As she sat there, she longed to forget how she killed a member of her House and a friend. But yet she is a Sith, full with power and rage that can be destructive to anyone who gets in there way.

Knowing that the Keto’s Vengeance was off on some adventure again, she felt almost alone again. She got up and wandered to her desk, looking at Kal’s holographic picture she could only smile. Feeling warmer inside, she thought it is best to sit down and get to work on her report.



Well guys, a bit of time has passed since my last report. So I thought it best that I work on getting another one out. Although there isn’t much to report, there are a few things that I need to say. Competitions winners, this that and the other.


Inarya has transferred to Exar Kun to become a Battle Team leader, so far she is doing an excellent job. So wish her luck!

AWOL Check should be complete by now; I hope that you all got your emails in.

Congrats to our Pro Consul, Vivackus on making Sith Battle Master


We have a few new members this month so let’s give a warm welcome to all of them. APP Damien Twilight, APP Fernando, APP Dillon Cohen, APP Jerico are our newest members. Do not panic guys, we are trying to reform how we work with Journeymen, someone will be in touch with you shortly to sort you out in the right direction.

Another new member we are to welcome to Satal Keto, is Quejo Drakai. He transferred over from HEK, so let’s give him a warm welcome.

Our Quaestor will be in and out for a while, he is back at work. But I am sure he is still with us, so if you need him just give him a quick email and he will get back with you shortly.

Our own BTL of Keto’s Vengeance is running a BT Run on. So all of you Battle team members but your creativity caps on and go post. It will be a great deal of help to all of us to see how you can learn and grow in Run on posting/writing. The run on can be found here:


Woop! There have been some promotions through this month, always a great thing to see.

PRT Drocko the Hutt promoted to Guardian, Nice work!

SW Kal Vorrac promoted to Sith Battle Master, Congrats Sir!


Only one medal to report on, quite a shame. But hey, Nice work though!

OPM Denath Ciarus has been awarded a Cr-S


A few character sheets were approved this month so let’s hope they get fighting! Fang Ao tain and Drocko the Hutt are awaiting your challenges.


A few exams were completed, nice work on passing them guys!

Fang Ao tain: Run on Studies

Quejo Drakai: Force Philosophy and Astronomy

Well guys, if you haven’t noticed but my Competition “The next thought to consider” has finished. Therefore I shall use this time to announce the winners! Firstly I would like to thank everyone who entered and that each week I shall use a thought that was entered starting off with the winner.

1st place goes to Fang Ao Tain

2nd Place goes to Valerian di Plagia Orzon

3rd Place goes to Kaira Rohana

Nice work to all of you, as I said before. Each report I shall use there entries, so if you want to see what other people wrote, you need to read my report!

Just to finish up then, there a still a few competitions out there. So get working on them, and lets gets Satal Keto’s activity back on a high!

Though of the Day

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air."

-John Quincy Adams

Entry by JH Fang Ao Tain.

Till Next time…

DJK Cassandra El’sin

Aedile of Satal Keto


Drocko isn't waiting for anyone's challenge. He needs to get qualified first.

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