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Quaestor Report


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Once You Start Down the Dark Path...

I think what Yoda failed to understand about the dark side of the Force were its appealing titles. You could toil for decades mopping floors in the Jedi Temple to one day aspire to "Jedi Consular". Or instead, you could ambush your own master, kill him/her and get a title like Sith Warrior, or Dark Prophet.

That said...

House Revan would like to recognize two members taking big steps in their Brotherhood careers: Rayne and Anarya are two ladies who have put a lot of work into this particular passtime while enjoying themselves along the way and not getting too wrapped up in the details.

Both are Founders of Revan and also will share the distinction of being the first two members promoted from within our House.

Rayne stepped into the Equite circle of power making short-work of the requirements and attained the rank of Sith Warrior. Anarya endured the sacred Trials of Knighthood under the guidance of Grand Master Sarin himself and now enjoys the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Congratulations to both of you.


It's not a lie. We do have them. It's just that most of our members have more Crescents than a Turkish football homegame so we tend not to get too excited over awards that start with "3rd Level..."

Despite this blatant and long-held discriminatory policy against our Journeyman, we do have a tandem competition for you here. Plenty of time to choose a partner, learn a bit about your characters, and earn your 725th Crescent.

United We Stand...

There is also random live IRC trivia in #revan. So random in fact, its not actually happened yet, but it could. It's random you see...

Lastly, and this isn't really a competition rather something to do, is Dalthid's Elite Tier ACC (ETACC)* training camp. Dal, along with the Green, Red, Black, Yellow, and Pink Rangers are putting themselves through their grammatical paces and looking to improve their skills. So the next time your indirect object pronouns are hanging you up, punch them in the face under the tutelage of the DB's own version of Wolverine.

*I made up that acronym to make it seem like we're doing things behind the scenes when we're really not.


Right now I am in talks with a small movie studio to produce a film based on the script I wrote about the founding of House Revan. If any of you can act and are not unreasonably ugly, send me an email and you could play your character in the film.*

I've also taken on the burden of creating our own graphic novel which I think will be released in episodic format via these reports and email. Breaking this into parts because I'm doing all the work myself and it's labor-intensive.**

A couple of you are working on some things for the House and you have my thanks. Email Sar-dog and I every once in a while and let us know how it's going.

*This is actually not true.

**This is actually true.

A Disturbance in the Force...

A special nod to our own Tra'an Reith for winning the Grand Master's impromptu trivia the other day. Little individual efforts like this are always a great way to build a reputation for the House.


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