Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

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insert funny intro "i STILL have got nothing lol"


Well this week has been another slow and quiet one. not a lot has happened. to repeat of last week is that Ralph has returned to us :) but nothing major as far as i can tell.

Transfer In:

Rithen Delaqui

Transfer out:


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Well Fang and I has gotten our Halloween Comp approved. So yall be ready. It will start on the 1st and last to the 31st. all month. Clan wide. I will e-mail the clan about it tomorrownight.

Gaming nights is basically, for those who don't know, is an Everyday thing that takes place on #DBGaming

All challenges MUST be made there and when you report the matches, you do so in your admin page. real easy way to get some CFs, anymore questions, or training in JO and/or JA, please direct all questions to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

The Inter Club Training Event or ICTE is held every Saturday from 12am to 12am on #outerrim Also, same as in DBGaming, All challenges must be made in Outerrim. you will report the matches to this site.

I must ask that everyone look over the rules and rights of combat and abide by them all. respect all players, dont lame (attack with the opponents chat box is up, attack the opponent wile they lay on the ground, or any unarmed player) get the rules set before getting into the ring. again, if you have any questions about this as well, please direct them to me.


PRT Onteron vs. KE Impetus M'Nar Victorious: KE Impetus M'Nar

GRD Drocko the Hutt vs. KE Impetus M'Nar Victorious: KE Impetus M'Nar

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Iwould like everyone who hasent all ready, take the brotherhood basics course. if you cant find it or know where to go to take it, please holler at me and i will tell you what you need.

Pre-Republic History

Rithen Delaqui 78%


Chizon 92%


Torlek Falchien 90%

*Starfighter Studies *

Zeon Blacktooth 88% ->

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Alaris has assigned Ralph to help train anyone with out a master. I would like to say, personally, Ralph is the man. lol he knows his stuff so i would advise yall to hit him up with any questions. I will also continue to e-mail everyone to check up on yall and help where i can.

I Really wanna stress how important it is for this. We need some DJK and above to help show the New troops the way of the jedi and get them going in the right direction. If you would like to be a Master, please visit the Link at the bottom and let me know, i will assign you a journeyman as your student.


OT Galaphile Dupar

DJK Maol Nor Lexu


no requests yet

*Current Masters and students *

(Master)Impetus M'Nar | (Student)Artemis Alustriel

(Master)Ood Bnar Sythe'rae | (Student)Killer

(Master)Kaira Rohana | (student)Zeon (2nd Student) Izzy

Info on the Master-Student program can be found here.

If there is more of you out there, Please please let me know.

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I will release the info on the Halloween Comp tomorrow.

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Octavia Kuga: Crescent with Emerald Star

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Everyone who is APP up to JH, I am here to help, not to mention the Summit and all the DJKs and above we have in the house, will be more then glad to help you out. all you have to do is Ask. expect a personal e-mail from me every few weeks from now on, i will be sharing what i know to help the Apprentices up to Guardian on how to advance. Jedi Hunters will get a separate e-mail. I want to have no Apprentices in the house by the end of September..well that's unless we get more requites which is always good :) but those of you who have been here for several months and still at Acolyte or Protector...i will help you. all you have to do is ask.

None This Week.

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Well as i said before, this past week was kinda slow, activity wise. This will only last till thursday (oct 1st) so i hope yall are excited :D

OT Koga Kage (Obelisk)/RM/Exar Kun of Plagueis [ACC: INI]

GC / AC-ToSH / DC / GN / SN / BN / Cr-2A-7S-3E-2T-1Q / PoB / CF-SF / SI-BL / S:-7D-3Dk-1Rm-2P-9U


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