Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_ Octavia finally got settled into her new office and let out a long sigh of relief. A lot had happened in the past few weeks, Cethgus stepping down, positions changing and somewhere in the mix she had become a mother and the new Aedile of House Exar Kun. She had recived her orders promptly and now that she had gotten settled it was time to get to work.

Moving around the new office she was pleased that it was much bigger than the broom closet they called the Battle Team office and sat herself in her familiar overstuffed high backed chair and got to work on her data pad when her communicator went off. Rolling her eyes she answered it with annoyance until she saw the familiar holographic form of her favorite Neti.

"Octavia, I trust you found everything to be to your liking?"

She listened to his voice and nodded.

"Yes Sir, Thank you. It's lovely, but i have work to do, if you don't mind--"

" There is a something for you in your desk drawer. I will leave you to your work, and when you are done, report to me."

She sighed as she was cut off and then snapped it shut as the hologram of the Neti disapeared. She didn't take Ood as the type that would give gifts, much less to someone such as herself.

Searching the many drawers in her big wooden desk she finally found what he had been talking about. In the top drawer sat a beaitful hand crafted stationary set with monogramed detailing wrapped in ribbon. Smiling she ran her hands over the bright blue ribbon and was glad the Neti understood her need to write things down as opposed to using a data pad all the time.

Shaking her head she shut the drawer and threw herself into her work. The obelisk had a lot to catch up on._

Hello Exar Kun!

I must apologise for the fact that this report has taken so long to get out. My router decided to crap out on me, but I now have it settled so I can finally get this bad boy out! :)

<font size="5">News</font size></Font color>

As Ood mentioned in his report we are discussing the Master Student Program. This is a great resource that we have and I would like to see every member under DJK to participate. Why? because it is one of the best learning tools, but the least used tools that we have. However, I do understand it is hard for everyone to get paired, or to get along with the people you are paired with. Mr Ralph Vundu has kindly offered his assistance to mentor those who do not have a Master but would like the guidance help and a swift kick in the butt from tiem to time. :) Any questrions, or if you are interested in getting paired, please feel free to contact, any of the house sumit.

Also, I would like to know from you all what you would like to see from us leaders. What can we do to make things easier for you? Are there things we could do to make it more fun and exciting? I'll be sending out a formal survey shortly asking more specific questions.

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Title: Super Mario Bros.+Pamela Anderson = Super Chick Sisters!!

Requested By: DJK Octavia Kuga


Hello all!

Once again I am running this competition because no one entered it before.

This flash game is fun and very simple.. Safe Pamela from the evil KFC corp!

You can find the game here:

please take screen shots of your score.

Start Date: 9/25/2009

End Date: 10/2/2009

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun

Platforms: The game itself is flash, please use MS Paint ot save your screen shots

Awards: 5th level crescents

Comments: approved by house summit

P.S. I'm extending the competition date by a week to October 9th, 2009 due ot the fact that I didn't get the report out til today. :P

So, in closing, I again apologize for the lateness of this report and the shortness of it! Remember feedback is wanted and I cant wait to hear it!

Yours in Darkness,

Octavia Morgan Kuga


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