From the Bacta Tank


From the Bacta Tank

Having the flu on with the report.

The Current Monthly Competition, I am now just reading them all I will have the winners shinnies out very soon.

Now for the Loremaster stuff:

There will be several threads opening up on the Message Boards for sign ups for both IRC and RO RPG's. Once we get a good idea of numbers and such then we will begin the opening posts.

Now opening posts, both the IRC and the RO RPG's will have a introduction//opening post on the message board. Why IRC too? Because it helps give everyone a general direction when you hit the IRC Channel. #DBRP is the channel I usually open up, if there is an IRC game going on in it go right on and open up #DBRP2 , etc... remember you need to keep logs of these events.

Sorry about the lack of fancy graphics and such but with a 101 temperature for the past 4 get the picture.

Asst. Loremasters feel free to start your own sign ups, remember this is not a Clan, House, BTL event, this is a DB event. Keep that in mind when you start the process, remember contact your Consul for Clan events, and QUA for House events.

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