Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The Knight watched as the newly promoted Novice practiced duelling with the house trainers. Her eyes widened as she could see his muscles strain against the speed and strength of the expert duellist chosen to train him. Cassandra lent there for a moment, remember how she first learnt to wield a blade probably in different forms. Smiling, she could feel the Quaestor presence come up from behind her.

“Promising, isn’t he” Kal spoke gently enough for her to hear him over the sounds of striking swords.

“I don’t know…I think it’s just nice to see some muscle in the House at last” the girl replied with a smirk.

Kal chuckled and patted her on the shoulder, with a grin he turned off again leaving the girl stood there alone again. Cassandra just stayed there another moment, watching as the Novice finally began to get the hang of the set of strikes he had been learning. Smiling to herself, she turned away wandering back to her office to continue with her duty as Aedile.



Well hello there guys! It’s been a while since I last got out my own report; I would like to apologize for that as real life has jumped up in the way. However back on subject, it’s been quite a good couple of weeks. There was some really good stuff coming through on the emails which is good to see.


Well from everything coming around and that not really much going on here.

Just one thing to say I guess, time to start the preparations for the ROS in January. So putting it simple, its time we pull our fingers out and get working like extra hard.


Not really much going on in this sector either, activity is staying on track which is good to see. Well done on the good competition work going on, some lots of activity in them. So thank you to the guys running them and submitting entries. Good work!

I like to say hello to a new member to our ranks as well, please give warm welcomes to Evix Jhredmo. From your Aedile, I would like to welcome you to House Satal Keto, I hope you time with us proves worthy.


A good load of medals in my inbox which is good to see, keep your hard work up. Our Clan will need it during the ROS.

SW Vexer Thrace: Crescent of Emerald star x2 Crescent of Topaz star x1 Crescents of Quartz Star x1

PRT Eridanis Aquila: I would like to congratulate her on being awarded a Dark Cross, Well done!

KAP Kaira Rohana: Crescent of Emerald star x2, Cluster of Fire x2 Crescents of Sapphire Star x1

DJK Cassandra El’sin: Crescent of Sapphire Star x2

DJK Mograine: Crescent of Quartz Star x1

PRT Onteron: Crescent of Quartz Star x1

DJK Fang Ao Tian: Crescent of Emerald star x3 Crescent of Topaz star x1 Cluster of fire x1

PRT Necal: Crescent of Topaz star x1

GRD Drocko the Hutt: Crescent of Topaz star x1


Well a good one here this time!

I would like to congratulate Fang Ao Tian on being promoted to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight! Well done Buddy!

I would also like to congratulate Evix Jhredmo on being promoted to the rank of novice. Congrats and keep up the hard work!


A good few exams being passed in here, good work guys! Nice to see such hard work going on, so keep it up!

DJK Fang Ao Tian: Leadership Fundamentals, Conflict Mediations and Capital Star Ship Studies. With that he was awarded a Dark Maven in Leadership and another Dark Maven in Flight. Nice work!

PRT Necal: ACC Basics

SBM Kal Di plagia Vorrac: Old republic History

PRT Onteron: Old republic History

NOV Evix Jherdmo: Clan Plagueis History


Some stuff still going on here which is good to see. Still putting in the hard work!

Character Sheets approved: DJK Fang Ao Tian, SW Vexer Thrace and Evix Jherdmo

DJK Mograine was victorious in his fight against DJK Sanguinuis

The fight between DJK Cassandra El’sin and OT Arcadian was closed with a draw.

The thought of the day

Well I have seen to have run out of the thoughts to consider, so back on to a good old motivational thought from myself.

"No matter how cloudy and rainy it may be in your particular location, the sun is always shining somewhere, so in laymen terms: no matter how bad things may get in your life, there is always hope."

Final Words

Well guys its coming up to December now, so there is going to be a lot going on. We need to all wake up ready for the ROS, however for the regular faces I see awards coming through, I know they are ready. Just generally it has been a good few weeks, activity could be better, but we can only work to our strengths.

I would like to thank everyone putting in hard work throughout their time; it shows a lot for our House. It also shows who the Summit will be keeping an eye on for future reference.

Competitions from me to the House for December will be out as soon as I can get them there. I hope activity takes a step further next month. I am really looking forwards to it.

In Darkness

DJK Cassandra El’sin

Aedile of Satal Keto


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