Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Cethgus looked around his office and noticed that for once it actually looked tidy, there was no mess on the floor, no mess on the desk, and it was a quiet day. The room felt as if it had been left alone for years, as if Cethgus was part of the furniture. He sipped a drink and felt the warmth going down his neck, enjoying the taste as he brought the glass down to the desk.

Sitting in the peace he allowed time to gently pass him by enjoying the moment to himself for once. As he looked at random datapads he wondered how quickly time had truly gone by recently. As he stood up he decided now would be a good time to take a gentle stroll around the house, and try and catch up with as many people as possible.


For those of you who haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a report in a while, or even shown myself on IRC in a while, this was due to my Real Life issues that have hit me this past few weeks, with that said, I have managed to come out the other end, and am now here.

That’s right, no more lounging around and doing nothing, it’s time to crack down and get to doing work, I know that this is the run up till Christmas but I still feel that now we would be able to get stuck into work, and make sure we do as much work as we possibly can.


None this week but that is to be expected, as this is the first week, I would like to see medals later on, remember they are easy to get once you start to do competitions, they will quickly come your way, and I will be releasing competitions in which you can pick medals up from so just try and do as much as you can.

Shadow Academy:

I would like to see each of you try and take some exams from here and there. It doesn’t take too long for you to take one exam, so when you get a chance to sit down and relax. Try and take an exam or set a goal to achieve a DM from the Shadow Academy.

Antei Combat Centre:

I would like to see a couple of you try and get into the Antei combat centre, if you need to find someone to fight, I am always available just throw me a challenge and I will accept it. So I would like to see as many of you getting involve in the ACC as possible, it is a way to fight with your character for fun or to get a win on your CS, either way I say it is a good way to keep your writing skills up.


Nothing going on here at the moment, in the future I hope see all of you being in this part of my report at one time or another that is completely up to you. Putt the hard work in and I will reward you for it. So push for work, take it upon yourself to make sure that you are doing enough to get promoted, and it won’t take two long before you are climbing the ladder up.


Look out this week for a competition, it will be released on Tuesday and I hope to see as many of you compete in the competition as possible, so please try your hardest to compete in the competition people.


I aim to once again email each member

Get a response

Receive Input into comps

Cethgus Kuga

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