Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings Tridens,

As of this morning, i have been promoted to Tridens' new Aedile position. I have some big shoes left to fill from Kyra, but im super psyched and ready to begin service!

About me...

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with me, my name is Jagen and i have been a part of Tridens, and Tarentum, for close to nine months now. Currently, i am at the rank of JH, but plan to promote soon :). before serving as your Aedile, i had served as a Battle Team Leader to Tridens' journeymen for 3 months. I'm not particularly great at fiction, but i do love to read it, and it's one of my favorite things in the Dark Brotherhood. As for gaming, i haven't tried DB gaming yet, but i'd like to start pretty soon... I guess my strong suit in the DB would be lore, i love the Shadow Academy, and reading about all of the histories of the Sith, Krath, and Brotherhood.

My main responsiblility as Aedile is to assist Frosty in the mechanics, and in running the house. I will be helping him with anything from new members, promotions, etc. to medals, fiction, and all of the above. I'd like you all to feel free to contact me with anything you might need, your leaders are in place to serve, and i'd like to do just that. it's my job to see that everything runs smoothly and you all have a great Dark Brotherhood experience.

Now, i guess i'll start the report...

Since i've only been Aedile for about 5 hours, the only thing i can tell you is this:

JH Jagen Phoenix;

Apppointed to Aedile :p

Frosty Romanae Tarentae;

Awarded Legion of the Scholar, x1


[Tarentum] Just where have i heard 'that' before?

Raimi's Clan Wide comp where you guess the scene and movie number for various Star Wars sound clips. sent via email...

[[DJB Wiki]] What a desolate place this is

Vexxtal's DJB wide competitions: he need you to help him clean up our wiki! tons of awards to anyone who's works stands out...

Aliens vs the Dark Brotherhood.

Fictional competition by our Fiction Tribune

DB christmas competition.

Christmas competition by our fiction Tribune

The name is Keibatsu... Shikyo Keibatsu.

Competition by our herald to see what whaky images you can make of the Dark Council as members of the James Bond universe.

[Tarentum] Broken: The Final Chapter

The last installment in our Clan's new story ark. go post if you haven't already!

[Tarentum] Trophy of Tarentum

Ji K'awill is trying to find Tarentum's most active member. could it be you?

Random Trivia

I am actually going to question if this was a miss-print? sorry for being rude there though.....


With this, i bit you all a goodnight. I'd like to thank the Academy, Frosty, Muz, Kaek, and George Lucas ( :P ).

but seriously, i wish to thank all of you for this opportunity. I will not fail you!



JH Jagen Phoenix (Krath)/AED/Tridens of Tarentum [ACC: INI]

DC / Cr-1E-1T / S:-2U


"I did not fall to the Dark Side. I was not seduced by the Dark Side. Falling indicates passivity. Seduction indicates a lack of control. I chose the the Dark Side. I chose power."

— Darth Sarin

"Leadership isn't about firing bullets and stabbing people Church. Leadership is about being able to tell others to fire bullets and stab people"

--Doc; Red vs. Blue episode 78

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