Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


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There was a strange feel around Kaira as she sat deep in mediation. She had taken a few hours off from work to focus her mind and body together. It was times like this she wished she had a gift of for sight. With a heavy sigh she knew she had to leave that to others. It just enough that she could feel something big was right around the corner for the whole clan, what that was she still was unclear.


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The RoS is only a few weeks away. We need everyone to be ready for it. So please if you find the time to do at least one Contest. Try your hand at the house contest from our Quaestor Kal.

There has been a few changes to the look of some of the Brotherhood pages on the main site. Take some time to check that out.

The big push right now is the RoS. We need to get fired up about that. How do you do that by being active. Show your support for your clan. Remember your leaders can’t do it all on there own they need your help as well. Look at the last few weeks and you will see that your leaders have been competing just as you have!

Lets get busy and do even more!!!!!!!</font>

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<font size="4"><bold>DB Contests</bold></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">The Name is Keibatsu... Shikyo Keibatsu</font></font>

[<font color="#348017"><font size="4">

Aliens v. The Dark Brotherhood</font></font>](

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">DB Christmas Competition</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">The Inter Club Training Event or ICTE is held every Saturday from 12am to 12am on #outerrim. Remember to report your scores to this web site for the ICTE gaming.</font>

<font size="4"><bold>Clan Contests</bold></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">What dose Christmas mean to you? </font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">Decorate a Christmas Tree</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">A helping Hand</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">Christmas Gaming</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">New Game for contest: Naught or Nice</font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Chronicles of a Clan-December</font></font>

<font size="4"><bold>House Contests</bold></font>

<bold>Do this contest first</bold><font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HSK] Roll Call</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">Operation: Frostbite (House) </font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HSK] The life we hate and the life we love. </font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">[HSK] Even we can’t live forever</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HSK] The Points of Interest on Morroth</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">[HSK] The Weekly Word Bash! December</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HSK] What’s under the Christmas tree this year?</font></font>

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<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">There are a few matches with clan members still going on. If you wish to read one such match, there is always the match that is almost done between Kal and myself. </font>

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<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">With contests still going on there isn’t many medals going out yet. So I am using this area to tell you the winners of this weeks Christmas Gaming.

Santa Balls game

1st Drocko 17500

2nd Vexer 12700

3rd Fang 12000

Only those three competed. I am rather sad about that but hey such is the life of time around Christmas. So maybe this week there will be more. The new game is set and is under contests in the report you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Also my other contests are still up for grabs on medals. There are a number of contests out there for medals so if your looking to get leveled up quickly you have a lot of options right now.



<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Nothing new to report here from last week.

Quejo and Onteron

Mograine and Nariah

Kaira- Isildur Eärendil, Zeon Blacktooth, and Killer

Viv and Drocko the Hutt

Kodais and Eridanis

Kal and Necal

If you are wishing to be a master or need a master please email me so that I can help you. Would like to remind you all that if you are a master or a student to keep me informed of progress so I can help you level faster. </font>

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<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Another week has gone by since my last report. I know we are all busy with family things, School, work and life. Lets not forget about the little things like the RoS coming up next month. I know not such a little thing for the Brotherhood but in the grand stage of life it is small. Some of you think oh they will do fine with out me well I got news for those people who think we can do with out them. We can’t…. It is that simple we need everyone in the clan to pull there wait so we can win.

But Kaira Winning isn’t every thing you know. That is true but around here in this club winning means you get something. What is that something? Well it is in the way of new things for the clan to use such as ships, Clan Robes and other things as well. Just think if we were to win the RoS we would get bragging rights over all other clans. We could say Plagueis is the best. But we can’t do that at all with out everyone in the clan helping out.

I look forward to the start of the RoS. Lets stand together Clan and push for a Win.


<font color="#571B7e">#10057 KAP Kaira Rohana(Krath)/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC: CL:1]

SB / GC / SC / AC / DC / SN-BL / Cr-1D-1R-9A-13S-22E-11T-8Q / CF-SF / SI-BL / SoL / LS / S:-21U


Prodigy of Plagueis‏

Rollmaster of HSK



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