Aedile Report


Aedile Report

**HMR Aedile Report

Bal Demona**

Hey again, it's your friendly neighborhood Aedile with his second report of his brief tenure. Sorry it's so late, but the internet at my apartment...which really isn't my internet to begin with...has been acting up and I haven't been able to get online for more than an hour or two at a time for the last week. However, thanks to the free wi-fi where I work, here's your report for the last week.


Well, the Right of Supremacy is right around the corner and we're all pretty pumped up for that. We're all workin' real hard to make sure that it's enjoyable and a great way to earn all the pretty stuff for yourself and makin' a name for yourself in the Brotherhood. Just make sure that you all do all you can to help or else I'll have to run you down :).

However, for the time being there're some good competitions out there (not to mention making one of your own) for y'all to do so you can get some warm up time for the RoS. Anyhow, on with the good stuff.


Lots of awards given out for the last week, so keep up the hard work people. Congrats to all of those who earned their pretties and a special congrats to Severus, who got promoted to Jedi Hunter. Also want to put a special shout-out to Dyr Skera, who just joined us in our clan and our house, make sure to give him a warm welcome and help him out any way you can. Anyhow, on to the awards:

Carth Rathbor:

Cluster of Fire X1

Dyr Skera

Joined Marka Ragnos

Fremoc Pepoi:

Quartz Star

Created [HMR] Flash Game 6


Participated in the Bejeweled competition

Feed that Exogorth

Topaz Star X2

Emerald Star

Philosophy 1:Views Passed

Kalei Basai:

Emerald Star X2

Passed Krath Core

Topaz Star X2

Nassin Zye

Quartz Star

Severus L'eohhart

Promoted from GRD to JH

Passed Leadership Studies

Teu Pepoi:

Sapphire Star

Anteian Cross


Not a whole lot, but there're some good ones out there to participate in. The main focus is the RoS comin' up, so make sure to be active but not burn yourself out at the same time. Here're the links to all the active competitions that we've got goin' right now:

Oh, by the way, one of them I put up there so do it before I'll chase you down with the aedile's paddle!

Manji's Black Guard Competition: Ends the 30th, Clan-wide

[HMR] Flash Game 6: Runs until the 22nd

New Graphics for your new Aedile: Ends the 21st

The Second Sadow Dueling Championship: Ends 1/1/2010, Clan-wide

[[DJBWiki]] What a desolate place this is: Runs until the 20th, DB-wide

DB Christmas Competition: Runs until the 12/23, DB-wide


Alright folks, lots of stuff to do and lots of awards to get so try as many as you can. Some of them competitions include people from outside HMR, so you're gonna have some pretty stiff competition to make the podium. Work hard, stay focused and get ready for the RoS!

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