Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Battleteam Shadow Gate Report

18 December 2009

Driftan Housan, Commanding


The past couple of weeks have been a good period of time for us. It's nice to see the journeymen in the team still setting the pace and taking initiative. I would really like to see the DJK+ portion of our team step up and set the example, and it is my hope that the Rite of Supremacy will bring them back to life. For the Journeymen, keep plugging along with your promotion requirements. If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact me. There is some leeway and flexibility with some of the requirements, so if you don't like your current "House assignment" we can change it to something the better fits you. Also, if you need to run a competition for a promotion, email me with your ideas and we'll get it approved and running as soon as possible.


*There have been quite a few DB-wide reports put out lately by our leaders, so take a look at them if you have not already. Believe me, reports are one of the more tedious parts of being in leadership, but they are a great way of getting information out to the members, so take some time to read through them and send in any questions you may have.

Grand Master Report -

Headmaster Report -

Herald Report -

Seneschal Report -

Combat Master Report -

*The biggest news in our team from this past week comes in the form of Nix Graves being promoted to the rank of Guardian. Congratulations to you, Nix, and I look forward to writing your promotion request when you earn the right to become a Jedi Hunter!

*The other piece of news you should all be aware of is the Rite of Supremacy coming up on January 2nd. I feel like our team, house and clan all have some good momentum rolling into the big competition, so keep up the great work, participate in some of the competitions going on, and gear up for the next big thing.

*The last piece of news I have for this section is that I will be instituting a new mini-award for our team. Currently, we have two Sith Flight Leader slots available in the team, one of them held by Strategos, and the other that will be held as a reward for the member who is the most accomplished in my eyes over a given month. The first award will be handed out at the end of this month, and then probably after the completion of the RoS. Stay tuned for the next report to see who wins that slot.


Our own Quaestor has put out three house comps for us to compete in, so take advantage of some Crescent opportunities.

*Arcona Santa - How would Santa look if he was an Arconan Dark Jedi?


*Christmas Saber - Design a lightsaber that is Christmas Themed, be it the handle or the saber itself.


*Christmas Shadow - As Arcona is a shadow clan, I'd like to see the shadow of anything Christmas related.


*Our Halls Have Been Decked - Find the hollies!




*Arcona Arena Battle - I lost to Marick in the first round, but learned a lot from the experience. Congrats, Marick, and good luck.

*ACC Qualification

*Fiction writing

*IRC Presence


*IRC Presence


*Arcona Arena Battle - Ruluk has made it to the second round. Good luck, Ruluk.

*1st place in the Momentum Master competition

*3 Clusters of Fire for gaming. I look forward to seeing your skills in the RoS.

*IRC Presence

Nix Graves

*Promotion to Guardian

*3rd place in the Momentum Master competition

*Protector Fiction

*Obelisk Core SA exam completition

*IRC Presence


*2nd place in the Momentum Master competition


I am proud to lead this team, and to help out you guys in any way that I can. I look forward to great things as the RoS looms on the horizon, and I can't wait to see the medals that we get to pass out as a result of your amazing work. Take initiative, forge your own path, and know that your leaders are watching and taking note of your hard work. As always, don't hesitate to email me if you need anything.


Jedi Hunter Driftan Housan

Dossier #10886

JH Driftan Housan (Sith)/CMDR/Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC: INI]

DC-SP / Cr-3A-2S-1E-2T / CF / LS-AgL


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