Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Ludo Kressh Aedile Report

Goooooood evening Ludo Kressh! Yes, it is report time! Believe it or not, I actually have some stuff to tell you all as well, so get yourselves comfortable and listen up. (Also, those of you who can do shiny graphics, feel free to take pity on my oh-so plain report and offer to spice it up.)


Well, the biggest piece of news I have to tell you all is about our new Quaestor. As those of you who check the main site already know – Malisane stepped down recently, leaving us with a big QUA shaped hole. Applications closed on Christmas day and our new Quaestor is none other than the Overlord himself, Tron Sadow. This is pretty damn awesome and I have a horrible feeling he might try whipping me into shape, so if you see me looking run down, you know why, heheh.

The next big bit of news, in case some of you have been under a rock and not realised – we have a Rite of Supremacy coming up. It starts this Saturday and we are facing Plagueis in the first week. I can’t wait, personally. It’s time to kick some arse and show the rest of the DB what we’re made of, so make sure you check the main DB site on Saturday!


Again, the big news is the Rite of Supremacy, so there’s not a whole lot going on elsewhere - but if you just can't wait..

The Second Sadow Duelling Comp is still trundling along – even though most of you aren’t participating, feel free to drop by the Clan halls and cheer me on. I suppose cheer Sai and Macron on as well, but as they’re mine and Manji’s opponents, I’d really rather they were demoralised so we have a hope in hell of winning.

Kano has a flash game that he’d like to share:

Manji needs a Black Guard:

Orv got in the Christmas spirit:

And Eludajae instigated alien-killing madness:

Orv’s competition is particularly fun. I was getting very irate trying to find the final piece of holly when someone helpfully pointed out that there were five, not six and I’d already found them all. I felt rather stupid.


There hasn’t been an awful lot, lately, if I’m honest, but Dessan earnt himself some Clusters of Fire, Kano placed third in Shikyo’s Bond themed comp and bagged himself a shiny, and we have some new arrivals. Welcome to Apprentices Frityz, Ambrose and Nitram Aragev, who join us from the Shadow Academy. Remember – if you need to know anything, just get in touch with me, guys!

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say, other than I hope you all had an awesome Christmas/Hannukah/Solstice/whatever else and I wish you all a very, very drunken New Year. Just make sure your hangovers are eased in time for the Rite of Supremacy!

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