Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report



DECEMBER 28, 2009

Four more and a couple of years ago, an ambitious depraved man set forth with a vision – a dream, if you will, to create a haven where he might shamelessly lead a house from the other side of the line, that dark place in which a part of all our brains occasionally reside. With this goal in mind, our maker Dark Jedi Master Astronicus "Tron" Aurelius Sadow gave birth to the rabid wolverine we all call home; Clan Naga Sadow.

And he saw it was good.

With a New Year on the verge along with a chance to prove our Supremacy, I decided to come out of hiding to celebrate the birth of this asylum, in which all may come from all places to let their demons run rampant. And though some of the faces have changed over the years, some have stayed the same. Together, our little community of alcohol and sin has graduated into a galaxywide religion, a church if you will where we may worship what makes and keeps us Sith, Obelisk, and even Krath. Lust. Violence. And above all, humor. Because in this Clan, we like to poke a bit of fun at those wading in the Mainstream and we keep in practice with a healthy habit of self-deprecation. From Fred's multiple engagements and Manesh's numerous rejections to Fremoc regurgitating tequila all over his happy birthday self, from the Dyrra incident to Malik's drug-addled hot-pants wearing antics, our mishaps have provided as much cannon fodder as any of the news tidbits you might see elsewhere. This, dear friends, is one of the last bastions where anything goes, our own Cage Match with the galaxy, and we long ago learned that the only way you can truly avoid breaking rules, is to avoid making them at all.

So here's to another year of trying to balance a life between an ever decreasing mind, obligations, raging addictions and obsession. Here's to another year of ever-changing weather and politicians wreaking havoc on what we call our lives and our land. Here's to another year of gluttony - of war, death, illness, life, and absolute power in the Rite of Supremacy. I've a feeling that this year will be one helluva ride, and I'll be mercilessly riding this beast into sheer exhaustion and its inevitable death. The question is, are you ready for the ride?

For Sadow!


Only a few days left to complete the Consul’s competition and be appointed to the Order of the Black Guard. I can’t stress enough what an Honor this is in Clan Naga Sadow, especially to hold the position of protecting our esteemed Consul.

Check it out and take part:


The ongoing development of the Black Guard continues with a couple things in the final stages about ready to be released. What does this mean? Well current members of the Black Guard will be getting a belated Christmas present to rip up some souls and new members will get it also. (HINT: DO CONs BG COMP) ;)

Also, I have been given a preview of what COULD be new versions (more than one) of the Black Guard Armor that would be in the Robe Selector on the main DB site and thus would be available for the dossiers. Now the way to receive these new gifts is for Clan Naga Sadow to place 1st or 2nd in the upcoming Rite of Supremacy. So just a little more motivation for you to kick some tail and help earn Naga Sadow some uber cool stuff, and I have seen them, and yes they do rock.


Master Macron Sadow and Student Frityz

Master Taigikori and Student Naskue


In a few days the entire focus of Clan Naga Sadow will be on the Rite of Supremacy. For those of you who’ve not yet tasted the thrill of large Brotherhood competitions get ready for some fun. Your leaders will be doing all they can to show you how it’s done and will be leading from the front lines. Just follow their lead, ask questions when you have them, and participate.

For our Clan to succeed we must all do our parts bringing together all of our skills to work together towards one goal. That goal……one hell of a celebration party in honor of our victory.

Say it with me……For Sadow!

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

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