Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

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The Rite of Supremacy is right around the corner. We have now learned who our clan shall be facing in the first round. Clan Naga Sadow is the clan we shall face. We will need everyone on top of there game if we wish to push past and beat them. It should be a good test to see just how far our clan has come since the last major event for the brotherhood sight.

Let’s get working and beat Naga Sadow. Good luck house and Clan.

Remember to check out the main page of the brotherhood to see all the new robes and light-sabers added to the date base over the last few weeks for the holidays. I am sure you will all enjoy seeing what our Herald and the grandmaster have come up with. They are some very nice new graphics to choose from.


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<font size="4"><bold>Clan Contests</bold></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">Christmas Gaming</font></font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4">New Game for contest: Deep Freeze</font>

<font color="#348017"><font size="4"> Today is the last day to turn in scores. Tomorrow morning I will name winners. If you wish to get in scores do so today. There are a number of you who have competed but have not turn in scores for all weeks. So get the scores in and compete. It is still any ones game.

Chimney Challenge

Naught or Nice

Santa Balls</font>

<font size="4"><bold>House Contests</bold></font>

<bold>Do this contest first</bold><font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HSK] Roll Call</font></font>

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Kal and Kaira Winner Kal Good job Kal!!! </font>

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Contest Winners for Christmas Tree and Helping hand contests

Christmas Tree Decorating

1st Place Cassie

2nd Place Koga

3rd Place Kal

Helping Hand stories

1st place Kal

2nd place Morgraine

3rd place Fang

Cassie 6 CoF

Evix 4 CoF and 1 Dark Cross</font>

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Killer passed Leadership Studies

Trent passed ACC Basics</font>

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New members: Trent Devson and Marauder Metalkus

Promotions: Evix Jhredmo to Protector and Trent Devson to Novice

Leaving Members: We have no members leaving the house at this time. </font>

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Quejo and Onteron

Mograine and Nariah

Kaira- Isildur Eärendil, Zeon Blacktooth, and Killer

Viv and Drocko the Hutt

Kodais and Eridanis

Kal and Necal

Cassie and Evix

As always I would like to hear from the masters and students. If you are doing well in your trials it would be nice to hear about that. Please keep me up to date so you can get levelled. If you find that your master student pairing is not working out I would also like to be informed so that we might find you a new master or a new student.

If you are wishing to be a master or need a master please email me so that I can help you. Would like to remind you all that if you are a master or a student to keep me informed of progress so I can help you level faster. </font>

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With the Rite of Supremacy only about a week away I will not make this a long closing. Just know that I want to see you all working hard to push our Clan out on top of the contests. Lets come together to help our clan to victory.

Have a Happy new year everyone. My next report will be next year 2010. Let’s hope it brings us a win for the Rite of Supremacy,


<font color="#571B7e">#10057 KAP Kaira Rohana(Krath)/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC: CL:1]

SB / GC / SC / AC / DC / SN-BL / Cr-1D-1R-9A-13S-22E-11T-8Q / CF-SF / SI-BL / SoL / LS / S:-21U


Prodigy of Plagueis‏

Rollmaster of HSK


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