Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


It\'s that time of the week peeps, and its report time whoo! and it\'s also my last report for the year and before the Rite.

Alright so first thing on the list. Tron, the Clan Overlord, has been appointed as HLK QUA in time for the Rite of Supremacy. Congrats Tron and good luck.

Secondly, the RoS starts Saturday. Get your Character Sheets sorted, brush up on your graphics, gaming, and writing. Challenge myself or Taig in some gaming if you want the practice. As a reminder, when you go to submit something to Muz and Paladin for the RoS, CC the summit, IE: Me, Bal, Bob, Manji, Taig. This way we can all keep track of who is doing what so that come the end of the RoS people get credit for their work.

Third, for those of you that haven\'t looked at the new page, Erinyes(the Combat Master) is granting those that are not qualified for the ACC the rank of Vendetta so that you can participate. What do you have to do to get this rank to participate since your not qualified? Email the Summit! Would like to see some emails for this peeps. The sooner you email the better.

Now who\'s ready for one more video to get you psyched for the RoS? If you want this song email me :P There is cursing FYI.

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Nothing in terms of Competitions. The RoS starts Saturday which halts every competition and projects that are going on.


Wasn\'t much in terms in Activity this week.

Severus changed his name to Methyas.


-Clan Overlord = HLK QUA -Get ready for Saturday -Not Qualified in the ACC to participate in the RoS? Email the Summit! -Severus = Methyas


So as for real life, I\'m relaxing and doing some research into the Air Force. Doing odd jobs here and there.. And last night I went to the Penguins versus the Devils in Newark, and DAMN! that was an amazing game..


-HSH -Money -Modern Warfare 2

Who\'s ready to kick some Plagueis arse? Because I sure am! And if your not down with that, I got two words for you.

<font size="\\"6\">SUCK IT!

DJK Fremoc Pepoi

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