Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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No Speeches The Rite of Supremacy is here. Enjoy it. They don\'t come around often.

Voice and Cell Leader Callus Bo\'Amard has been selected as the first Voice of House Revan. What is a Voice. Loosely associated with the One Sith, the Voice aids the Quaestor and Aedile of Revan in all aspects of the House\'s affairs. He is their arbiter, facilitator, and if need be, their assassin. The Voice is a bridge to greater power for those Jedi still young in the ways of the dark side and he is a conduit of information to young and old alike in House Revan\'s dark business.

Sarak Jemaane has been selected as the first Echo Cell Leader of House Revan. Cells are fluid in Revan changing number and nature as needed. The Cell Leader carries instructions to his Cell from the leadership and ensures the House\'s will is done.

RoS Details You should have received several emails from us on the particulars of the upcoming RoS on 2 January. Everything you need to know is there. If you don\'t have the emails or have any questions, contact Raken.

Email Settings If you have your email from the House Revan group set to some kind of digest setting you need to change it. Now more than ever you want to get each email as it arrives and not in some condensed format at the end of the week or every 25 emails or whatever other setting you might have. Lots more information will be forthcoming and communication is too obviously critical. Double-check your settings for me.

Elevations in Power First among Revan\'s rising stars is Sarak Jemaane. He is the first Equite to be made in Revan\'s forge. His work on behalf of the House has been tireless, his attitude has been excellent, and his demeanor always tempered with patience. Sarak has come a long way in his time with the Brotherhood. It is really remarkable. He is now a Sith Warrior with all the honor, responsibility, and power this rank warrants.

Araka Zahron is Revan\'s first Initiate to Protector. Things like this might be taken for granted in other clans, but with the clean slate we have in Revan each seemingly insignificant achievement is a first and each is special.

Also, Surlan Tremaine has moved up from Apprentice to Novice. Rokar Eeekin has advanced from Apprentice to Novice. Well done.

Rewarding the Faithful The three gentlemen below deserve our thanks for their work on our behalf.

Callus Bo\'Amar, Voice of House Revan, Anteian Cross I would like to award Prelate Callus Bo\'Amar for his selfless contribution of three outstanding pieces of hand-drawn artwork to the Chonicles of Revan project. The first piece was used as the cover of our inaugural issue and is fantastic. The subsequent two pieces will find their way into the books in the coming months.

Callus\' work instantly lends credibility and class to The Chronicles\' production and we are very thankful for it.

Please allow him this small token of our appreciation as he continues his ascension of the Equite class.

--Raken, Independent House Revan

Sarak Jemaane, Echo Cell Leader, Dark Cross I would like to ensure that DJK Sarak Jemaane knows that his service to House Revan is not only appreciated, but vital. Sarak has assisted me with a number of small tasks including maintaining contact with our new members and providing them guidance on how to have fun and advance in the club. He carries out these tasks immediately and efficiently and it is a great help.

Sarak is the first to volunteer for anything the House needs, his attitude is 100% positive and literally the model of behavior we strive for in Revan. We are lucky to have him.

Please grant him this small token of our gratitude as he continues his ascension to the Equites.

--Raken, Independent House Revan

Arion Aquillarum Sunrider, Steel Cross I would like to make Pontifex Arion Aquillarum Sunrider aware of my immense gratitude for his recent work on behalf of the House. When we first launched the website, it quickly stagnated as our previous coding team fell victim to real life. Arion stepped in and redid the site, took up the hosting, and made sure it was viable and met our needs.

He also worked with me in creating a home on the website where The Chronicles of Revan (our graphic web novel) could be published to and within a few days had everything live and working on the site.

These are two key pieces of the puzzle in Revan that would sorely be missed as we try to establish our little corner of the Brotherhood. The kind of talent and devotion Arion displays on a regular basis is such a rare commodity that I want to make sure he knows he is appreciated in our circle.

--Raken, Independent House Revan

Welcome More new members. Welcome Noctis, Araka, Araynas, Rokar, Surlan, Raidius, and Fathul. Some of you have jumped right in and started figuring things out here. If you haven\'t yet, it really is worth a look.

Also, Khaland Kunar joins us from days of yore.

CService Nicks If you\'re new to the House, send me your CService nicks so I can set you up with access in #revan. If you\'re not sure what a CService nick is email me and I\'ll square you away.

In Pictures I did a 3D render for Tra\'an and thought you might like to see it. I don\'t have time to draw by hand so some inexpensive 2D & 3D programs and tools out there make it a lot easier for me to fill that creative need.


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