Fiction and RPG Update


Fiction and RPG Update

Congratulations to the winners of the DB Christmas Competition and the DB Monthly Competitions

DJK Ekeia Iclo : First Place in the Christmas Competition

GRD Noctis Lucis Caelum: Second Place in the Christmas Competition

KPN Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu: First Place in the DB Monthly Competition

GRD Faukes: Second Place in the DB Monthly Competition

Well done to them all.

There will be no DB Monthly Fiction competition in the Month of January due to the RoS which I wish all of you good luck in.

IRC RPG Update by Assistant Loremaster Impetus M'Nar

The first db wide IRC based role play under the new guidelines written out by Eludajae has been completed. The rpg (a hunt for information stolen from the brotherhood by a rogue elder) took place across five two hour sessions, and was generally a huge success, despite small numbers.

A massive thanks go out to Korras, Dyrra, Teu and Mograine for participating in this event, and I'm glad you all enjoyed playing in it as much as I did hosting it.

A huge thank you is also due for Eludajae for writing the Dark Brotherhood rpg guide and bringing this excellent activity db wide in a formalised fashion. This is the first db wide irc rpg in a very long time, I know I've never seen one before, but based on the success of this one, expect many more to come soon. Our ambition is for irc rpgs to become a staple of the brotherhood and its activities. Eludajae's rpg guide and this rpg are merely the first stepping stones along the path. Look out for T:F reports for the next announcements.

A link to the logs can be found here:

Impetus M'Nar

Assistant Loremaster of Eludajae

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