Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Celahir Sang

I'm stealing this report for all AEDs everywhere in Arcona!

So yeah, here we go with another collab report from Irfan and Alex where we get to crow about our first step towards victory over Taldryan. It's 1-0 to Arcona as Orv and Juda take the GFX by storm! Way to go Juda and Orv <3 <3 <3

Right...Orv, again HAVE MY BABIES. And Jay...well we'll see what you can have. So yes, as you all can see we won GFX.

AND WE'RE WINNING THE GODDAMN ACC!!!! Take that Tallies, take that thrusting! 6-2 to Arcona so far, We're just 7 wins away from slaughtering Taldryan and advancing to the Finals of the RoS.

It's amazing at how much we're pwning at the moment...Hell, the 2 losses are against Halc and there were so close that Halc almost lost to Legz and Me....How bad is that? If you want a laugh, check out my DP against Halc here - THRUMMM - Splatted his head like a melon.....The poor bastard. Then I thrrrrrrrrrrrummmmmed the hell out of him.

Sang what colour do you want? I'm vivid green.

I want the colour of love, craziness and Sangyness!!!!! Give us sexylicious Pink you stud.

As Snag said, WE'RE WINNING THE FUCKING ROS, and as you all can see we colour coded this report, so you don't get lost in who said what. we all know Sang is a enormous fag, but I just wanted to say it one more time =D.

All we do now is wait for more results to come in.......raaaaaaaaaawwwr.

Also, I'd like to congratule our allies in Tarentum for taking fiction. Gratz dudes.

Yeah I've gotta agree with me being a massive fag, I've been watching Glee recently and lovin' it....KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

But i digress, way to go TAR for pwning gaming and fiction...looks like CP and CSP are getting pwned as they can only produce quantity, not quality. Sucks to be those noobs. So....ACC is still being graded and fiction results will be here during the upcoming week.

I think that's about it, I'll include a nice closing quote from IRC to keep you all laughing till our next report

[06:08] <teu> If people ever tried to read my mind they would end up confused. [06:08] <`Cel|COLLAB> And hungry.

I can't let it end there, so I'll add my own quote before we send out this kick it queers!

[02:26] <@Ninj> Oh you're in SF? [02:26] <maaks> he is :D [02:26] <Xar`Kahn> yeah [02:26] <@Ninj> Guess that makes me your third level supervisor. :P [02:26] <Sang> Yeah...All the troublemakers are in SF [02:26] <maaks> he throws his weight too....>.> [02:26] <maaks> hey sang? =D [02:26] <maaks> fuck off &#194;&#172;_&#194;&#172; [02:26] <@Ninj> Blame Jon. :P [02:27] <Sang> Why is it that all the naughty kids are in your House Ninj? [02:27] <Xar`Kahn> That's cool [02:27] <Xar`Kahn> and Hi Sang [02:27] <@Ninj> I have no idea. :P

I'll leave you with that and let Irfan have the last word.

Sang...I ALWAYS have the last word. Last words today are ARCONA INVICTA

YOUR MOM CELERY!!!! </maaks></maaks></maaks></maaks></teu>

Update, 7-2 woop

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