Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

First of all, my apologies for the long time inbetween my reports lately. I am currently in the middle of my exams and am a) a bit more stressed then usuall, b) a little less proactive in the clan for the moment and c) studying every moment I can. Good news is that next Saturday I am free of exams! Bad news, next Wednesday and Friday I have exams.

Onto other matters, the RoS seems to be going well indeed. We have gained 2nd place in Gaming, ACC is being judged and Fiction graded. First of all, I would like to thank our gaming team: Solus, Angelo, Robin, RevengeX, Cado, Thran and Kael. Congratulations to you all for your supreme effort in this Event, you achieved a Win-Loss ratio of 0.5637 (first place went to Tarentum who had 0.02 more then us while third went to Plagueis who was 0.2 away from us) Once the results of Fiction and ACC are out, I will send a mail about them to the Clan Mailing List.

Onto business then:

Congratulations: - Aesir, for getting DJK - Soltis Lumierre and kenshi Omega, on being the newest members of our fair clan - Ood, on being the latest member to celebrate a birthday (22) - Cado, on being the latest member to pass Brotherhood Basics - Angelo Dante, on being the First CSPer to attain Dark Sage: Law

Also: - Visit us on IRC, we are located in #scholae. For details: IRC Guide - We also have a home on the Message Boards/Forums: CSP Forums - Finally, remember to use our fine googlegroups mailing list as well.

My apologies for the brevity of this report, but as stated in the first paragraph I am studying for my exams and quite busy.

In Darkness, PCON Ood

KAP Ood Bnar Scythe'rae (Krath)/PCON-PROF/Clan Scholae Palatinae [ACC: TRT] SC-SoF / AC-ToSC / DC-SiP / GN / BN-BL / Cr-2A-6S-4E-3T-3Q / CF / DSS-AuL / SoF-GL / SoL / LS-PL / S:-10D-1Dk-5P-4U


Happy Birthday young sap! :P

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