Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report



Its a report from the drunken Quaestor! ZOMG! I do apologize for not putting out a report the past couple of weeks, but considering the RoS is going on, there isn't much to say except to go do stuff, since my projects have been put on hold during this time as well as all competitions and awards and the like since everything is devoted to the RoS. That being said, we are currently against Revan and as of right now the score is 1 - 0 since they won graphics last night. In the ACC, it is 5 -5 with about 8 more battles to go and we need 5 to win the event.

For this weeks events, which I know I sent out an email about earlier yesterday morning, are the following.

Poetry Event: In this off-week's Poetry event, you are to write the most powerful and emotion-inspiring haiku as possible. Haiku is defined here. Obviously, you will want to write your submission in English and have it sent to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by 2359 EST on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

Out-of-Universe Fiction: This week's off-week fiction competition is allowed to be out of this world. Actually, out of this universe, to be precise. Write a two-page fiction set in some other sci-fi universe, be it Firefly, Farscape, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Riddick, anything you want, provided it is set in some Sci-fi universe or other. Again, submissions have to be sent to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by 2359 EST on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

Team Gaming! for this week, all gaming MUST be Team Gaming, which is to say one side must have at least two people playing. Clans are unimportant and members should report their matches under the 'gaming night' section. Team Gaming ends at 2359 EST January 29th, 2010.

Don't forget boys and girls to CC me and Bal when you submit an entry. Need to keep track of you all so that you can get the right shiney come the end of the RoS. :P

The other day Raven resigned from battle team leader of the Night Hawks and instead of opening up applications, Bal and I have decided to interview a few members after asking Manji and Taig's input on the list of names we gave them, we have it down to just a few people. I will be announcing the next Night Battle Team later today or tomorrow. As for Raven being the BTL for so long, I have deemed him worthy of earning a Dark Cross. Congrats Raven.

DJK Fremoc Demonic Pepoi

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