Aedile Report


Aedile Report


Hello me lil cherubs, hope you are all feeling peachy! Spring is around the corner and a victory for our excellent Clan is within grasp.


You all know the score, the Rite of Supremacy is still underway. Its a close one at the moment but we all knew it wouldnt be a breeze to take down Taldryan, we took the GFX event thanks to Orv and his mad skillz (love that pic by the way dude) and Tal scored a victory with the FIC, kudos to Lan for placing 2nd!

It all comes down to the ACC, right now we are racking up the points with another 3 wins declared to Arcona today bringing it to 9-3, the Grandmaster will be grading over the course of the day, don’t be unsettled if Tal catches up abit, we need 4 more to win, my confidence in my Clan is unshaken, so keep it real peeps.

-=New Members=-

Lol well, in the past week I would like to both congratulate Matt Adler to the Clan, and his departure to Rougues!


After the Rite, myself and the delicious Zandro will be running a multimedia competition, with the prize being something sexy, so look forward to that. But for now, you know the dealio.


None this week for us Galerians, it will happen soon though, I can feel it in my waters!

-=Track of the Week=-

Florence & the Machine- Dog Days are Over (seriously, tunage!)

-=Final Thoughts=-

In our off week I will be expecting you all to recharge your batteries, when we go up against CNS or Revan it wont be a walk in the park, even still, my faith in you guys is untarnished. You all worked hard this past week and I am immensely proud of your input, keep up the work guys and we will take our rightful place as 1st Clan we all know we are, lets get it set in stone.

Arcona Invicta!

AED Juda Kodiak (Erinos)

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