Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

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Location: Aeotheran

As Kano trekked through the thick vegetation of the forest he began to become more and more thankful that he had decided to wear him Mandalorian armor once again. Even with all his training in jungle combat and stealth movement various branches reached out and scrapped and jabbed as he passed. In every direction all that could be seen was a blend of green and brown yet in the distance an invisible presence was drawing the Dark Jedi Knight to the sacred location. After several days of fighting for survival against the creatures that inhabited the Aeotheran jungle Kano found what he was seeking.

The trees parted way into a clearing to reveal a large black structure. The Knight knew just what stood before him, it was The Bastion. His mission was to find this ancient place and allow it to test both his will and strength. As Kano walked closer to the black marble structure he could feel the darkness swelling around the area. The building looked just as Malisane had described it, unfortunately that's all he would tell the Mandalorian about the place.

A subtle breeze blew through the trees and then pushed the grass in a wave to Kano's feet. Whispers filled the air and drowned out every sound coming from the jungle. Among inaudible whispers was one sound voice and it spoke directly into the Knights mind.

"Power flows through you. Great potential indeed. You have been chosen by our last visitor to rise up and command the ones fit to serve here. This is not foreseen as a problem, as long as you survive the test."

The Knight collapsed onto the ground, eyes wide open, and the test began. Hours passed and the Knight lay on the ground completely motionless. After the second day a trickle of blood began to slip from the Mandalorian's nose and a scream tore from his mouth. The Mandalorian's voice echoed through the forest and off the walls of the large structure. Then it stopped. Kano blinked his eyes and climbed to his feet. Thunder sounded off somewhere in the distance and the Knight decided it would be best to stay in the building for the night and to ride out the storm before calling for a pick up back to the Skyhook. As Kano walked into the large marble structure he spoke softly to himself.

"The Bastion is open for business."

First Up

First of all I would like to say Well Done to everyone. We put up a hell of a fight during the RoS so far. Things aren't over just yet though. We still have this individual stuff going on and i think we might still be in the running for 3rd place. Also Congratulations go out to Dyrra for getting a field promotion to EQ1 just lastnight. Well done Aedile. Everyone has been doing great work and that is what we need in this house and team. This intro you read above is the start of full fledged recruiting for The Bastion. If you want to be a member of a team of well trained assassins then this is the place to be. This team will be growing real fast and real soon. With this I reach out this open invitation to everyone. If you would like to join our elite team them there is just one thing I require, a fiction (half a page or more) about you arriving at The Bastion. This simple task will earn you a spot amongst us.

Bastion Activity

Kano Verda - Defeated Raken in the ACC

Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow - Character Sheet Approved

Rang Verda - Passed ACC Basics Exam with a score of 100%


Yet again I say Good Job to everyone and Congratulations to those that it applies to. Keep up the good work and have fun, after all that's what this is all about.

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