Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Celahir Sang

Hey all and welcome to another mind-blowing collab report from me and alex. I thought we could use ourselves a nice and shiny new banner, I hope you all agree.

Right, as most of you would've noticed by now we lost to Taldryan. We won GFX, they won Fiction, and God(Yes capitalized that) were we close, 12-13. As most of you, hopefully read in Jon's report, this doesn't mean we hang our heads in however you feel. We put up hell of a fight and I, and I'm sure all of our leaders, Am very VERY proud of how Arcona started the fight against these so called Elders and that thing called a GM they have there in Taldryan.

It does not end here, we're up for a fight for 3rd place against Clan No Show. I'd like to point out, I'm not accepting anything less than 3rd, especially not against CNS. I for one am going to do what ever the fuck I can to kick some total ass out of those weirdo's, we deserve more than 3rd, let's show them what we're made off. Hopefully we'll put as much fighting spirit and effort in this round as we did against Taldryan, if we do, we'll take third. Let's do this guys.

ps. Sang still uses his teeth, damned idiot.

Hey all, Alex here...Man am I pissed that we lost so narrowly to Taldryan, and I would like to apologise to you all for losing all of my ACC battles. But hey, at least we got close to beating Tal however. But yeah, CNS on Saturday and the events will be posted then as well. Lets just go all out and slaughter us some Space Samurai!

I'm proud of you all, however I noticed that every Clan but Arcona got field promotions a couple of days ago. Something I do not agree with. Where the hell are our field promotions?!!! :P Go, go complain to Muz and Dash about this. Rise up against the hatred and bias against Arcona! DESTROY THEM ALL!!! MWAHAHAHA...cough cough#

I'm sorry, I just got a minor case of Vorionitis. Anyway, just to give you a little insight to the world of Alex and Irfan, we have decided to bitchslap the hell out of Legz the next time he appears on IRC and post the quotes here. But I must digress from my utter bullshit paragraph here to give you my favourite IRC quote of today so far! And I'm not going to edit out the names either. :D

[10:06] <@Ninj|AFK> Man, my root canal was awesome. <- I'm sure he meant anal (cel) [10:07] <@Ninj|AFK> I has no pain now. :D [10:07] <@Sang> For now.... [10:07] <@Ninj|AFK> And I was able to use my blackberry throughout the whole thing so I wasn't even that bored. [10:07] <@Cel|COLLEGE> Lol [10:07] <@Cel|COLLEGE> addict. [10:07] <@Cel|COLLEGE> Cyb0rz with Krissi [10:07] <@Sang> lol [10:08] <@Ninj|AFK> Well I was talking to her, yes. Sent her a couple pics of me with my teeth under operation :P [10:08] <@Cel|COLLEGE> jesus. [10:08] <@Ninj|AFK> She was like "wtf? My dentist would kill me if I used my bb while in the chair." :P

Damn you Ninj, keep it down y'know. Over here we get sued if we cyb0rz in public....Geez, might move to the US... ^^ There is not an awful lot going on IN Arcona right now, apart from the usual bullshite we do, however we'd like to welcome our newest member Aikitoy, expect some nudies of him to show up soon. Hopefully we won't get CoJ'ed for putting those in our reports. I'd like to introduce you all to one of my favourite songs at the moment, so please, if you can, enjoy...:

Bongo Bong - Manu Chao (Cut and Run remix)

Man that song sucked harder than Dash after a night out on the town! I kid, I kid. So yeah, I'm watching Firefly for the first time at the moment, Currently on episode 2 of the series and enjoying it. Also, I suppose I should come clean about the love Irfan and I share for one another....

Maxi...I'm sorry, but Irfan is eloping with me! It's not you....It's me. :P

Well well well....if it's not Sang always trying to come in between me and my boytoys....damn you, you will not get away with this...what about... 90lashes on your e-peen? Now for you all to enjoy a nice quote from our lovely allies in #tarentum

[20:01] <+Imil> I'm everyones type. [20:01] <Celahir> Nope [20:01] <+Imil> LOL [20:01] <+Imil> Well forget you. [20:01] <Celahir> I don't like black people =P [20:02] <+Imil> LMAO [20:02] <+Imil> That hurts. [20:02] <Celahir> Ahahah [20:02] <Celahir> ZOMGZ0R I R RACIST! [20:02] <+Donos> lol [20:02] <Celahir> Nah, I love you Imil...<3 [20:02] <Celahir> You're fucked up. [20:02] <+Imil> lol [20:02] <+Imil> Friends forevah!? [20:02] <@GenOberst> I'm so telling Max, Cel. :P [20:03] <Celahir> I like fucked up people, look at Oberst. [20:03] <Celahir> Yea, tell him I'm dating a black guy from America. [20:03] <+Imil> lol max has nothing to worry about. I got ma boo (who is a female). [20:03] <`Celahir> He'd soo believe that. [20:03] <@GenOberst> hahah

Also...something just came to mind, some of you might know already, and some of you might not. I myself am working on a lil summin summin for you all to enjoy...For the ones who know what I'm talking about, if I find you telling it to somebody else, you're dead. To the others, pretend you know and just shut up...One love, or as Sang would say it, One Thrust...the damned perv, To you all, I'm signing off, and for a change...Sang, you can have the last word ;)


Thanks Celahir for letting me have the last word, and that last word is.......I'm really looking forward to that new Expletive Deleted....Oh wait, my bad. :P

But on a serious note, expect a new report from Irfan and I next week where we'll be highlighting some projects we have in mind for the future.

Later ladies.


Mwuahaha, I lied bitch, last word is mine. ;) Love you all, and for the ones willing to and those who are underaged, and male obviously, nudies go to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Damn you for censoring me you git!

wait.... you saying that I left for nothing? =P j/k.... no..... actually not.

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