Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Just wanted to do a little briefing on the Rite of Supremacy...

As of a couple of minutes ago, the results have begun to be tallied, Gaming looks very promising, and ACC is still at a tie for timeouts... Fiction is almost impossible to track during the week, but I've proofed a lot of great papers that have been sent out.

My goal was to win all three events, and i think the chances of doing that are actually looking up. What do you guys say? Win all three events and crush the other clan's morale? That sounds good to me :)

Cheers! ~Jagen

Gaming results just came out, and the point totals are:

Tarentum: 0.5862 CSP: 0.5637 CP: 3968

Looks like we win Gaming! Great job to all you gamers! Thank you for your participation!



just read the Tarentum wide email thread that we have one the Fiction event!!! The placings are as follows:

1.) Ronovi (TAR) 2.) Thran (CSP) 3.) Alaris (PLA) 4.) Sirrus (TAR) 5.) Solus (CSP)

So everyone congratulate Ronnie and Sirrus if you see them. And i would also like to extend another congratulations to all Tridens members that participated in fiction as well. Thank you everyone!

All that's left to grade now are the ACC matches. Now, since we have already won two events (YEAH!! GO TARENTUM) we move on to the next round of the bracket regardless of who wins ACC (it's going to be us.. GO TAR). Have an awesome day you earned it!




We earned first place in Gaming and Fiction, and second place in ACC, meaning we get to bypass the third round and take 5th place!

Because both CP and CSP tied this round, they now have to fight each other for the 6th and 7th spots. So now we can all take a break, and get back to some RL stuff we may have been putting off.

Now, down to the final placings: Am i happy we got 5th? No way man, i wanted Tar to go all the way. But getting paired against Revan(who is competing in the first place bracket right now) in two of their strongest areas (ACC and Fiction), i would say we put up a dang good fight.

BUT, 5th place is a great improvement from what we did in the GJW. So let's choose to look at it in a positive standpoint yeah?

Thank Yous:

I would like to thank first, everyone and anyone who participated in the RoS, THANK YOU everyone.

I would like to recognize those people from the clan who placed in events: Sirrus, Ronovi, Ji, Oberst, BloodFyre, Raiju, anyone i missed I'm sorry

All of our Gamers out there: Frosty, Dox, Imil, Zero, Cardious, Ji, Psyche, anyone i missed I'm sorry

Our ACCers: Kyra, Beef, Can't remember all the names from the hordes of emails i got, sorry if i missed your name.

So.... THANK YOU all for participating and i hope you all have a great time relaxing :P

Sin Cere, ~Jagen

-- DJK Jagen Phoenix (Krath)/AED/Tridens of Tarentum [ACC: INI] DC / Cr-1E-1T / S:-2U


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