First off, let me preemptively congratulate whoever wins the Rite of Supremacy. I can't honestly say that I paid any attention to the events or who did what but good job to you anyway. You were able to jump through a few prestige hoops to eke out the victory. Nice work.


Now that the Rite of Supremacy is pretty much over, it is time for me to announce what should have been patently obvious to anyone who has talked to me in the last 3 or 4 months: my retirement. It's time for me to be done completely with the Brotherhood. Today, I step down after a year and about 10 months served as Master At Arms for a second time. In total, I served about 2 and a half years in this position between my two terms and over 11 years in the Brotherhood itself. But now, it's over. When I first joined, I was just barely a teenager; now I am an adult with real adult responsibilities. I have no time to continue and I have no drive to continue. The Brotherhood would be better served by having somebody - anybody - else as Master At Arms.

Shout Outs

I was actually going to write an entire section about people or things that I hate but I'm going to resist the temptation. This is the end and I might as well share some real Kaek emotion with all of you than just give you what you expect. Besides, it would just take way too long to type all of that out and I'm lazy and want to go to sleep soon. Most people who I dislike know that I dislike them anyway and they probably know why.

I will say this though:

To all of those who scream BIAS or talk shit on Halc for no valid reason (and no, your perceived 'injuries' are not valid reasons): shut up. The man singlehandedly did more for this club than probably all of you scum combined together. When so many promised, Halc delivered. He wasn't perfect but at least he tried to get things done. In a volunteer organization, I could never ask for more.

Much love to my former Taldryan associates especially BEN (whom I love passionately), Shadow (thrust), Jac, Kir, Tarax, Sklib, Chaos and Halc. I will stay in touch with you.

Ben: The deepest, sexiest voice in the Brotherhood. When he said "AGREEEED!" or "PANZER!" you knew you were in the presence of a god.

Shadow: Periods of violent activity interspersed with sabbaticals gives you the Brotherhood's Grand Whore. His activity pattern is, in some ways, like sex: violent thrusting and orgasm followed by a long period of inactivity otherwise known as the refractory period. Shad would argue that he doesn't have a refractory period but everyone knows about his sabbaticals. Whore, as I will continue to talk to you, I have nothing emotional or heartfelt to say to you. But you're not one for words thrust

Jac: Another god among men. His smile alone is enough to blind someone not wearing protective goggles. Also, plz get me a job thx <3.

Kir: Saving this one for the end...


Sklib: Quote 106

Chaos: Fail

Halc: gratuitous kravving

Love to Muz for tolerating my crap forever. You work way too hard for this club Muz but lessee something more substantive than promises and pretty graphics soon plz, k? Thanks. <3

I want to give a special shout out to both Sarin and Raken. The sheer amount of shit I talked on both of you astounds me. But I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm completely wrong. Sarin gave me a chance to come back at MAA when he definitely didn't have to and Raken helped out in more ways than he can imagine. I take back everything bad I ever said about either of you. You both earned my unequivocal respect even when I happened to disagree with you.

Oberst: I love you. However, I will continue to mock you mercilessly because you just make it so easy. It's amazing to me but your Clan seems significantly less douchebaggey since you took over as Consul.

To my successor, whoever you are: good luck. It's a tough job. Saying "no" always makes you unpopular but someone has to do it.

If I didn't include you above, it's not necessarily because I hate you or had nothing to say to you but it's 2 am and I'm tired.


Enjoy yourselves; don't sweat the stuff you do in this club. It's not worth it. Keep things in perspective and have fun. That, to me, is the most important thing I can share with you before I disappear into oblivion. The Kaek show is over. I've nothing more to say or give.

Effective immediately, I resign from the position of Master At Arms and retire from the Brotherhood permanently. I'll be around occasionally on IRC to chat but otherwise, I am finished. Thanks for everything.

Dark Jedi Master Syn Kaek Master At Arms


we love kaek. we will miss kaek. kaek <3

wtv. :p

Saying "no" made you unpopular but saying "yes" had an opposite effect and I believe you said "yes" more than you said "no". Thanks for the great work!

Farewell Kaek!

You'll be missed, man.

Teh Kaek shall always be missed. He is awesome, and will always be awesome.

Kaek... Good luck in life man. I'm sure this will be a breath of fresh air for you and wish you the best. Also, you kinda pwned as a MAA. Taldryan all the way, and that's how it should be.

A thousand thanks to you, Kaek. 11 Years is insane, so congrats, and good luck in world of RL.

The Kaek is a lie!

Anyway, congrats on two successful periods as MAA, I can't imagine many harder jobs in the DB than saying no to every undeserved promotion/medal anyone submits.

Good luck Kaek and thanks for all your work!

Sorry to see you go, Kaek, but thanks for all your hard work, and good luck with the srs rl bsnss.

Thanks for all your commitment, Kaek. Have fun in the big wide world =P

Thanks for everything you did, Kaek, and good luck in your life and future.

Good luck living without the Brotherhood. I know I've tried a few times but I can't get enough of it.

I know it is cheesy, but the force will be with you . . . always.

Now who am I going to have ridiculous arguments with? This is unacceptable, I demand you stay around and argue with me when I want to feel superior.

And nobody really likes Kaek, these people are clearly all just sucking up for a future Kaek-return :P

Bye Kaek.

You'll be back though... They always come back.

Dang it Kaek, who else am I going to hold up as an object of lust?! =P

I want to give you my personal thanks for all your hard work, sir. No one will ever know the crap you've been through for this club, and you have my sincere respect. If you ever get down my way in Orlando, Imma takin' you shooting, free ammo. =D

Bye Kaek.

You'll be back though... They always come back.

Bye Kaek.

You'll be back though... They always come back.

The Kaek is t3h win! Hate to see ya go but glad to see ya left us plenty of alcohol. :P

You will be kissed Syn, wait...did I just write that? I mean will be missed. Thanks for all the hard work mate.

First i had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't April fools. Now that we all know how much i pay attention to dates.

Thanks Kaek for all your hard work and making the DJB fun for all of us.

Bye Kaek!

Thanks Kaek, and goodbye. Your hard work has been greatly appreciated.

I'm motivated by seeing Howie post on here.

Oh, and good by Cake. I'll miss fighting with you about my authority to randomly award medals and promotions.

Bye Kaek! Good job on being a Beastly MMA! You PWN!

See ya around, Kaek. Have an awesome life.

Not even an "I hate you Pho"....... tear Anyway, gl f*cker in RL and send people to NJ prisons so I can beat on them.

I remember having a conversation with you back in September of '05 about how the group would never give you a position of real authority because of your evil, evil days doing evil, evil things in the EH. Five years later and you've put in a good run of time doing evil, evil things on behalf of the DJB now. You've been a stellar MAA, and I'll leave you with one of your own quotes (from back in 2005 again) which I think exemplifies why you've always done such a good job:

<kaek> I've been pissing a lot of people off lately by just doing what I thought needed to be done :P</kaek>

Thanks for everything Kaek. You will be missed. Go bring as much win to RL as you did to the MAA's office.

About damn time. :P Good luck and thanks, etc.

Even as often as Kaek and I didn't get along, he's also one of the few people I seriously respect in this Club.

Kaek, you're a huge prick, but so am I. But I've also been an emo pansy in the past, and you reminded of that once or twice. Take care pally.

Just been over two years for me and all I have ever known is Kaek. We will all miss you. Have a prosperous journey in the real world. See you randomly on IRC.

You've done some pretty fantastic work here, Kaek, and I wish you all the best.

gg, nub

Thanks for giving so much to this club, Kaek. You will be missed.

Kir is totally gay, and I have pictures to prove it. and

It's totally legit.

Kaek: And I need you now tonight, And I f*ckin need you more than ever. But not in the way Kir needs people. <3.

I'm rambling. Regardless, Kir is still gay.

P'ce. mayne. Good luck to you.

Awww..... <3 Kaek

good luck master Kaek

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