Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Celahir Sang

The RoS is over...Thank God we can resume our normal lives now.....NOT. There's lots to be done and there's lots that should be done already. Writings, Preparations, Secrets and other stuffs.

=RoS News=

Not an awful lot to report on yet, we lost poetry which is a pain, ACC and fiction are yet to be graded. It's too bad we won't be able to take first place this RoS, but we'll just have to sit out and kick some total ass at the next GJW.

Before giving Sang his next piece of ramblings, I'd like to say one more thing: "Sang, All in all you're just another dick with no balls." <3 One Thrust

What can I say to that? Other than, Sangbanged bitch! (my favourite new word of the week.)

But it's nice to know that Celahir loves me so....(insert witty banter here.) Anyway, yes the RoS is over. Looks like we're set to come fourth this time. We lost the poetry, and we're losing the ACC. All that's left is CNS to win fiction and completely shut Arcona out for a 3-0 win! :o

Conspiracy some of you might shout! But no, it's no conspiracy. The only conspiracy here is why Wally refuses to admit the love he has for Driftan....weird love....butt love....Anyway, I digress. Yes, we're losing, but hell, we've got some fun for you guys in the upcoming months. Celahir and I are working on a top secret project, something that is so awesome, it'll blow your minds! That's right, it's a Clan Feud!!!!! :O

We're being selfish and only thinking about ourselves and our quest to get promoted....but it'll promise to be a fun filled 3 week event, full of medals and rewards. Also, we're starting work on updating the wiki pages. There's a lot of work that needs to be done on them, so if you want to volunteer and help out, we'll be glad to have you on the team. Remember, helping out gets you noticed and rewarded.

Anyway, enough about our future projects at the moment. Here's Celahir to let you know more about why Arcona pwns...

I'm in the Clan....what? still not convinced that's why we pwn? sigh alright...the combined forces of all our awesome members, both before and after Matt Adler joined and left. Together with who we are is what makes us so awesome, to me anyways. I also feel the need just to shout..ARCONA INVICTA. We Arconans are unique, we're awesome. we PWN. 'Nuff Said.

Now for our running competitions:

<a href=""">#Arcona Webcomic For all who weren't featured in the Arcona Calendar, this is your chance to get featured in the webcomic!! Shinies too!!

Arcona Theme Tune ZOMGZ!! Make Aronca a theme tune, which'll absolutly result in more pwncake covered in awesomesauce.

RANDOM TRIVIA!! This its THE reason why you always should be awake and in our clans IRC channel.. Trivia Madness for all!

And of course the report trivia is back, Sang why don't you explain them what it was again

Well the report trivia is where I ask you three questions, then you email me the answers. The first two in my inbox got Legion of Scholars. Now Anshar thinks that's too easy. So he wants me to give them out monthly instead. So....the two members with the quickest correct answers each month(4 weeks) gets a Legion of Scholar. So here they are, the questions of doom!

1: What's the new Arconan word of the week?

2: What major cold event begins today, the 12th February 2010?

3: Who won the ACC battle between myself and Dyrra Skye?

Those are the questions, send your answers to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Now onto the next portion of the report, yes that's right, it's the "ASK TIM" column. Each week our lucky readers ask Timeros two questions, which we then put in our report.

Sang: How is Arcona gonna take coming 4th?

Tim: Badly. We're good at what we do. Very good. Despite our reputation, we were ridiculously well-organized for an online group. We'll take it badly not because we'll feel that we've lost to CNS per say, but because most of us will feel that we've lost this thing to Muz.

Sang: For all you nerds out there. "Just how can I get Sang's mom in the sack?"

Tim: Getting Sang's mom in the sack is not hard. Finding a moment where at least one hole is out of the sack, so you can get it back in the sack...there's the problem.

Sang: Thanks for your time Tim

Tim: And that's how Tim c's it. ;)

So thank you Timmeh for providing us with that thrilling column, if any of you Qel Dromans have a question you'd like to ask Tim, then don't hesitate to email me your questions. Celahir and I will pick the best two each week to ask Timeros.

Also this week for your amusement, we have these awesome edited pictures of the front page of the DB and Lego's dossier.

Click them for the full res.

Time to let Celahir drone on and on.....

Just like I droned on and on and on into your now not so tight ass. Yea....

I apologize towards our newest members, Draul and Kyros. Make sure that when you see them you welcome them into our awesome house/clan.

Note to self Be less PG-Rated.<font color="#FF0099">Don't you mean more? :P</font>

Before I take my leave I'd like to leave you all with something I found worth sharing.

So that's Celahir done and you're now left with me....I believe Irfan and I have covered everything this week. Oh except for how much we love our Battleteam Leaders, even if they decide to form "Voltron" and rebel against me. Goddamn anime freaks, give the rest of us a bad name.

Sang <3

You are just jealous of the love me and Driftan share, Sang.

bends Sang over and gives him a proper sangbang anyway, and then thrums all over his face

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