Consul Report


Consul Report


Brothers and Sisters of the Ascendant Clan,

We now find ourselves in the midst of 2010 and my ninth full month in the office of Consul of Clan Plagueis. I’d like to start off by thanking each and every member who has graced the halls of the Dark Tower on Kapsina since the beginning of 2009. My first appointment to the Consulship of a Clan has seen been a huge learning experience for me and an even larger privilege and honour.

I was blessed to have the full support of the Clan Plagueis Summit to include in my application, a trust they placed in me despite my relatively limited experience. I have been equally blessed to have such a great team to work with during my tenure, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cethgus, Yzarc, Ralph and Arcadian for their fantastic work during my tenure as Consul. A very special thank you goes to Arion Sunrider who essentially acted as Consul during a hiatus I was forced to take thanks to an unfortunate incident with a computer virus. Though these individuals have since stepped aside, they cannot and will not be forgotten for all the valuable work and effort they put into making Clan Plagueis a positive and exciting place to be.

In addition, I must thank those who are in our Summit now. Vivackus, Kal, Quejo, Cassie, and Octavia have dealt with my incessant blabbering and idea bouncing as well as stepping up to the plate and doing an incredible job in their leadership of their respective units. Also, Kaira Rohana and Koga Kage, the Rollmasters of the two Houses, have worked tirelessly to ensure that Journeymen are retained and that all of our membership rolls are organized and maintained.

Despite our finish in the Rite of Supremacy, the past year has seen a great deal for us. Our improvement to Fourth Clan in the Great Jedi War was clearly a highlight, with three members of Plagueis placing in the Top 10 Individual Standings. The War of Two Consuls, better known as the House Feud: Insurrection, was a huge success, with the winner not decided until the very last week. The Military Creation Act, initiated by my predecessor, Braecen Kaeth, was realized and now is set up with all officers of the Jusadih Defence Force in their positions.

There is much more on the horizon. With the destruction of the Crimson Tide, Clan Plagueis has been left with no discernable fictional enemy. This will not do. As such, the Summit and I have been building a new enemy organization that we will be able to use in our feuds and fictional development for many years to come. I won’t hint on it too much now, but you’ll see further development of it in the coming months.

I’m also going to take this time to announce the Clan Plagueis Code of Conduct. This is here to explain the consequences of any violation of the Covenant in any Clan Plagueis communication medium and also to clearly define the chain of command. It will be available on the Wikipedia of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and can be e-mailed directly to you upon request. In order to maintain the validity of the chain of command, we are going to be only giving Operator Status to members of the Clan Plagueis Summit and the Dark Council.

Something else that is going to become standardized is a quarterly Summit review period. During this time, every member of the Clan Plagueis Summit will be under review regardless of previous performance. This is to ensure that every member of the Summit is active and present, and it will set their standard for the next quarter. This will make sure that Plagueis is constantly under the guidance of excellent leadership.

In order to keep the Summit on track and in the same mindset, I’m going to be scheduling recurring monthly meetings. They will set the goals for the next month, talk about long term plans, and generally keep the Summit up-to-date and on the same page. Our first one is scheduled for Monday, February 15th. Because there will be things discussed that we want to keep secret from the general membership, like fictional direction, etc, we will not be releasing the minutes from these meetings.

We have much to be proud of as a Clan. We have stepped up to the plate and proven that we are powerful. We have forged powerful bonds within our ranks and even from outside our Clan. We are represented on the Dark Summit in several locations. Members from Clan Plagueis have taken what they’ve learned here and become leaders in other Clans and on the Dark Summit at large which can only strengthen the Brotherhood that much more. We work in a positive environment with positive, energetic people. I am more than proud to be able to say that I’m your Consul.

The future is full of opportunities. There are opportunities for every single member of this Clan, whether you’re an Apprentice or Dark Jedi Master. Just because you’re a Journeyman doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to do great things. Remember, every member in the Brotherhood was an Apprentice at one point, even our Grand Master. How do these opportunities appear? You make them appear. If you have an idea or suggestion, bring it to your Summit.

When I was a Jedi Hunter, I had this wild idea about reorganizing the navy. I mentioned it to my Consul. He gave me the tools, pointed me in the right direction and told me to have fun with it. I did, and as a result, I was eventually appointed to Aedile of House Satal Keto, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest. One idea. One small idea was all it took to get me rolling on a path to where I am today and wherever I’ll be in the future.

My final note is this: the one thing that keeps the Brotherhood moving is activity. Activity and participation in whatever events or competitions strike your fancy. Do you need to win in everything? Absolutely not. I’m merely asking that you put in the effort to have fun, whatever that entails. If you like to write, write. If you like to draw, draw. If you like to game, well, you get the idea.

2009 was a phenomenal year and 2010 can be an outstanding year. We’re well on our way to becoming First Clan again. Let’s prove to everyone that we’re ready for it and that Clan Plagueis is still the greatest Clan to be a member of.

Life and Death through Darkness.

In service,

Prelate Alaris Jinn di Plagia Consul of Clan Plagueis

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