Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Fire in the night The flames burn pure and bright While the sky looms a deep azure.

Blaster fire rains from the sky And all manner of life hide as birds fly The planet commits suicide.

And now the report!

Raiju has a competition going on. It is titled wiki development and it can give you medals.

Here is the link so you can participate:

There is also a clan competition for you to participate in.

Here is the link:

Now for the activity!


OT Raiju Kang: Various RM duties

SW Scion Altera: Various QUA duties

DJK Severon Vercingetorix: Various AED duties 02/11/2010 - Completed Dark Brotherhood History I SA Course

PRT Imil C. Ucindus: 02/09/2010 - Completed History of the Sith Empire I SA Course (Retake) 02/09/2010 - Completed History of the Sith Empire II SA Course 02/14/2010 - Completed Capital Ship Studies SA Course

ACO Nitsu Sain: 02/10/2010 - Promoted to Acolyte


Servant in Darkness, Severon Vercingetorix


Severon Vercingetorix Dark Jedi Knight, Gladius Aedile, and TG Principal Case Officer for Yridia IX Former Apprentice to Vai Azexel

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