SHW Announcements


SHW Announcements

I missed the announcement deadline because of unforseen problems during the installation of my new hardware.

<p>1) I've seen a slight increase in the number of submissions for the vendetta. I imagine I'll get quite a lot during the last day of the competition as many have told me that they were trying to get the best scores possible on the missions.

<p>2) I've mailed the AoC with the list of all the participants of the Sith events so far. Only a few Sith leaders haven't participated so far and with any luck, I won't have to be an evil SHW with any of them.

<p>3) A quiet week for the Avenger and the Subjugator. The membership count remains steady but that's to be expected considering the upcoming move to single platform wings and the massive transfers that will follow. </p></p></p>

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