Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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Victory Victory. Let that sink in. First "Clan". Or, in this case, First House. I haven't been in this club long. But from what I hear, it's been some time since an Independent House rose this far this fast.

Out-numbered? Definitely.

Out-gunned? Maybe.

Out-matched? Not this time.

Let's recap.

**4th of July 2009 - Independent House Revan established

2nd of January 2010 - Rite of Supremacy: Spoils of War begins

14th of February 2010 - Independent House Revan wins its first vendetta**

7 1/2 months. Not too bad. How? Your work founding the House. Your work establishing our identity. Your work coming together. Your work competing in the RoS.

But not for yourselves.

There's little fanfare here. Few positions to be had and the ones there are are ones of service. No titles. No real RoS individual champion. The off-week events were a simple side-bar to the real action. We hardly participated in them.

So no. No personal glory involved. You didn't do this for yourselves. You did it for Revan. Your partners and friends. The foundation of the club. The philosophy of this House.

A good many were surprised by what we did. I'm not sure why. When your singular goal is a collective of quality people, I think by-products of that quality are bound to express themselves. The RoS performance was simply one of them. More important by-products of who we are include the company we share, the atmosphere we enjoy, the fun we have.

So what does this mean? What I think it means is we are capable of anything for which we collectively strive. Any fictional direction we'd like to go, any goal we'd like to set, any change we'd like to see made.

If we want it badly enough. Sacrifice is the key, but we know all about this. We talked about it at length during the vendetta and it saw us through to total victory.

You all performed with grace and humility and we thank you for this.

Further, I'd like to thank the rest of the club for their equal grace and maturity during the course of events. As far as I saw, everyone conducted themselves well and fought hard. Two things I admire.

Finally, I'd like to thank Grand Master Muz Ashen for not only hosting the party, but providing the beer, food, entertainment, decorations, lodging, bait and tackle, greens fees, rental of all equipment and parking validation.

His performance running this vendetta was as impressive to watch as all of your performances participating in it.

Thanks, Muz.

So what now?

Read on.


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Elders of Revan We have made a lot of history of late. In recent months we have forged our first Dark Jedi Knight, first Equite, and now, perhaps most impressive of all, Revan elevates its first Dark Adept and Dark Jedi Master.

The two gentlemen of whom I speak are long-time members of the club and I'm proud it was while they were here with us in Revan they received these long-overdue honors. Without members like these among us our success of late would not have been possible.

Dark Adept Arion Aquillarum Sunrider</font size=3> What do you reward a gentleman who can wield dual Sapphire Blades at you while coding websites overnight and win clutch ACC matches?

You make him an Elder.

Follow the link to his dossier and read all the embarrassingly nice things people had to say.

<font size="3">Dark Jedi Master Troutrooper</font size=3> What do you reward a gentleman who can wield dual Ruby Scepters at you while writing brilliant fictions overnight and cinch clutch events?

You make him a Dark Jedi Master.

Follow the link to his dossier and read all the embarrassingly nice things people had to say.

These studs are only two examples of the level of character in this little House. I can name many, many more. In fact, I think I will.

Read on.

<font size="3">Operators</font> Silent. Professional. They fade in when tasked and fade out when the mission is complete. This is what we saw during the RoS. This is the list of our silent professionals who conducted business for us:

Anarya - Anteian Cross Arion - Promoted to Dark Adept Ashia - Steel Cross, Bronze Nova Callus - Promoted to Exarch Dacien - Dark Cross Dalthid - Silver Nova, Bronze Nova x2 Daniel - Anteian Cross Eiko - Anteian Cross, Bronze Nova Gaius - Promoted to Templar Jaden - Dark Cross Joseem - Promoted to Battlemaster Korvyn - Anteian Cross Lambow - Anteian Cross Raken - Gold Nova x3, Silver Nova, Bronze Nova Rokar - Anteian Cross Sanjuro - Battlefield Promotion to Priest, Grand Cross of the Dark Side, Gold Nova, Silver Nova, Bronze Nova Sarak - Grand Cross of the Dark Side Sarin - Ruby Scepter, Silver Nova Surlan - Dark Cross Tarrash - Anteian Cross Tek - Promoted to Battlelord Tra'an - Promoted to Prelate Troutrooper - Promoted to Dark Jedi Master Tsingtao - Promoted to Battlelord Valorian - Promoted to Warrior, Bronze Nova

Not bad for a bunch of inactive, do-nothing, retirees, eh?

Seriously, this is an absolutely outstanding body of work by everyone. The RoS, efforts in Revan, and for many of the above, things they've been doing on behalf of former units and the entire club.

This list represents something like 50% direct participation in the vendetta. Pretty good considering how busy everyone here is.

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<font size="3">Hardware</font> If you placed in the top three in any of the RoS events, make sure you were awarded your Novae. They should all be distributed, but it'll be up to you to make sure you have what you're owed there.

Same will go for Seals, but those have yet to be mailed out so watch for that.

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<font size="3">No Revanite Left Behind</font> Not on that list of Operators? Didn't get an award or promotion you thought you were due?

If so, please email Sarin, Callus, and me so we can discuss what we might have missed.

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<font size="3">Bounty Hunters</font> If you recall I offered some bounties for collection during the RoS. A couple of you were able to meet the criteria. If you did, please send me an email so I can work with you on what you're owed.

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<font size="3">A World of Their Own</font> Salas V. Mysterious. Deadly. Fortunately temperate. We will need to decide what to do with it. But given our fictional operational nature, we're not going to be building like Castle Revan on it or anything like that.

It could be a training ground, provide resources for profit, etc. Something more fitting our MO here. We'll be working up a wiki article for it before too long.

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<font size="3">Combat Power</font> Understand this new system thing they're doing is under some debate. Things will change, but this is the gist of it now.

All existing fleets were reset to zero. They will need to be purchased again through this latest revised system. Ground forces have been quantified. All existing fictional military forces for use in vendettas need to be purchased through the new system.

The problem (for some) is that they changed things to where part of your points balance will need to go towards things that were previously "free". Examples are: vessel crews, fighter pilots, soldiers, etc. All now must be purchased in addition to the ships, fighters, and ground forces.

They've also added "veterancy" to reflect relative skill of the armed forces members. Three tiers, Standard, Seasoned, Veteran, have three different costs associated with them. A bit of "realism" some are okay with and some are not so far.

Unfortunately for us, we're a bit of a victim of this whole thing by being late-comers to the party. Currently, unless something changes, we're due to receive 1250 points for winning the RoS. We were alotted 325 points when we formed the House with which we purchased the awesome and menacing Nebulon frigate Deep Ice. The points alotted per placing were basically cut in half from what was awarded the last GJW in order to trim down the clans' massive war-machines.

Each clan was given a "bonus" of 500 points per house to help defray costs with this new system. Unfortunately, again for us, we only have one house so only get one bonus. The other clans get 1000 point bonuses due to the two-house format of a standard clan. We get 500.

No issues, we knew this would happen. We can't expect the other clans to just give up a decade's worth of earned possessions for us. We don't need or want special treatment to somehow "balance" anything either. We will earn everything we get just like everyone else. I actually prefer the odds to be stacked against us. Victory is that much sweeter.

But I'm hoping that when it comes time for these fleets and forces to come into play for a wargame, one that could potentially decide a vendetta, they remember to include some asymmetrical warfare options for us third-world nations.

Moving on, what this means for the other clans is that they will not be able to keep their massive standing armies, fleets, defense forces, etc. They, like us, will need to buy it all out of one pool of points and even the clans with the highest budgets don't have enough to "re-buy" everything they had.

So some adjustments will be forthcoming. I don't think everyone's massive war-machine capabilities being scaled back is a bad thing. As is, it looks like the DB could make a fair run at conquering the Core if we really wanted to with what everyone has in their inventories. But I don't think this system in its present form is the exact way to do it, but we'll see what they decide.

Some different ideas are being tossed around as I write this as the big clans obviously do not want to lose hard-won assets from years past. Can't say I blame them but I'm starting to think this whole thing needs to be shelved until everyone's happy. Let the clans bank the points for now and we'll go shopping later when the wrinkles have been ironed down.

So, the initial RoS points awarded is currently this and highly subject to change:

1st Place, Revan - 1250 2nd Place, Taldryan - 950 3rd Place, Naga Sadow - 700 4th Place, Arcona - 500 5th Place, Tarentum - 350 6th Place, Scholae Palatinae - 250 7th Place, Plagueis - 150

The total balance of each clans' point pool is currently this and also may change:

Taldryan - 14075 Arcona - 11276 Naga Sadow - 9960 Scholae Palatinae - 9283 Tarentum - 8935 Plagueis - 8324 Revan - 2075

Yikes. But it is what it is for now. Whatever they decide to do, we'll make it work. It's not like massive fleets and armies are in our operational nature anyway. Just like with the planet in the previous section, certain things that are staples of other clans don't necessarily fit our style here.

So, whatever conclusions they come to, for the fleet issue we plan on looking at securing at least one advanced Star Destroyer-class vessel. Huge war fleets are not the goal. But one or two Star Destroyers will suit us just fine.

Ground forces, in whatever form they take, will work a bit different. We won't ever have a huge standing force. Fictionally Revan possesses its operatives (you all), assets in the form of intelligence, etc., and a few loyal former Army of the Iron Throne soldiers for wetwork.

Depending on what the ground forces stuff looks like if they change it/keep it the same, we may opt for some battle droid-like items that can be boxed and un-boxed as needed, or a small contingent of flesh-and-blood operators to enhance our current fictional collection of shooters.

If anyone wants to see the doc, or discuss the system, or how we'll work with whatever version ends up final, let me know.

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<font size="3">Visions of the Future</font> Looking forward, we have some short and long-term goals:

Short Term -Complete all member awards and promotions -Complete any additional RoS-related issues -Allocate fleet/ground forces points? -Complete House Revan wiki article -Publish House Revan backstory outline -Continue House Revan backstory comic arc (Chronicles of Revan #1-5'ish) -Update fictional identity with RoS victory -Create Salas V wiki article and content -Create new wiki articles for vessels gained and other spoils -Create Revan Cell wiki article describing nature of our "Battle Team" -Light, easy competitions -Develop new members we gained during the RoS

Long Term -Antei Combat Center in-house tournament -Advanced run-on -Prestige system -Titles? -Achieve Clan status

This list isn't exhaustive and it may change. If you see something/don't see something you'd like to talk about...let's talk about it.

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<font size="3">War Effort</font> Something else that occured to me was that during these events you all make these titanic efforts but the membership at large doesn't get to see or read them. The judges and element leaders have the opportunity, but not the rest of us.

What I'd like to do, for those interested, is create a section or two on the Revan website to house our art and fictions from the RoS and future vendettas. Shouldn't be too hard. Add little notes when viewing like:

Gold Nova for 1st Place during the Rite of Supremacy: Spoils of War

That kind of thing.

I'd like to further incorporate some of the great art I saw from you all during the events as well. We'll be using these things for our wiki articles, competitions, etc. If the artists don't mind.

But generally this would be a repository for the work that was done to showcase it a little bit. Might also be a nice recruiting tool for those non-Revanites who come by and see your talent on display.

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<font size="3">Clan Status</font> What? I thought we were an Independent House? True, but we're one that is growing and will need to face this possibility sooner or later.

What we'd like to know is if you're all ready for this. It won't happen tomorrow, but we're getting closer. We have 50 members currently. 25 of us are active. 40 is the required number for clanhood.

So what we're asking is: Can we yet again count on your support if/when we take this step? It's going to mean we'll need a few more of you to step up into leadership roles. We'll obviously be creating two new internal houses from the ground-up and they will need ideas and men and women to staff them.

There will be more opportunities, more creativity, more interaction, more positions, more advancement, more reward, etc. The usual stuff, but once again, from a completely new and fresh perspective.

Tabula Rasa.

If you are interested in this, email Sarin and I.

Subject: Clanhood Body: "yes" or "no".

Important: We're also going to use this as an internal check of who is really here and what dead-weight needs to be sent to the rogues, so definitely respond one way or the other.

We'll start this now and let it run a couple weeks while we finish any post-RoS business we have on the table.

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<font size="3">Closing</font> Again, thank you all for an incredible show during the RoS. It was fun to watch us advance round after round and ultimately win the whole damned thing.

Whether it was Troutrooper's unheralded fiction submission to clinch the win for us in Round 1, or Arion's clutch ACC victory in Round 2, or Dalthid/Callus teaming up to seal the finals for us, or Sanjuro's consistently outstanding performance, it was a spectacle to behold.

A feat that you, and you alone, now own forever. Just like Revan.

See you out there.


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