Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


A holographic image of the Tarentum Crest appears on your hologram projector, spinning around in circles. Right above it a small like of text appears: "Please wait for a Message from your Rollmaster."

Greetings again everyone! So..finally back from my trip, at long last. :3 And it feels good to be back and rested. As all of you already know, the Cestus RO is fully underway and the battle between the Windos and the Traditionalists versus Ji, Raimi, and the Revolutionaries is in full swing. Though...again, have to cut this one short due to work being in less than an hour; and this is the first window I've had so far since my return monday. (Consider yourselves lucky to be stealing my last hour :P Even from my fiancee.)

So! On with the news!

Promotions & Awards

Ji K'awiil - Promoted to Sith Battlemaster (I hate you Ji :) hug) Ji K'awiil - Crescent w/Amethyst Star Sephiroth Shamshan Kali - Cluster of Fire x1 Kanamé Norari - Promoted to NOVICE

Arrivals & Transfers

Welcome to: Kanamé Norari! Kaz Sain!

Leave of Absence: Sephiroth Shamshan Kali

Departing Cestus (Like Rabid Chickens): None!


Dark Jedi Valentine

Unlikely Victory

And for this report, that's all I have folks. :) I promise you the next one will be mega-huge. If not, feel free to flog Ji with spiked trout or something.

I love you all (Except Ji, for very obvious reasons :P)

~Raimi 'Kragok' Mistwalker

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