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Consul Report


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        CON Report




_The Throne Room was all but empty. Sitting on the massive wooden chair that dominated the massive chamber, Alaris Jinn di Plagia was a force of anger. In one on one combat, Clan Plagueis proved to be dominant, but in the end, Plagueis was defeated. Alaris was not used to defeat.

He was smart enough to lead the rescue of Callus Bo’Amar. He was cunning enough to destroy the Jusadih Independence Coalition and Crimson Tide. He was powerful enough to defeat several of Omanor Crask’s Jedi. He was resourceful enough to remove Breacen Kaeth from the Plagueian Throne and assume it himself. What could have gone wrong?

He shook the negativity from his mind. Darth Plagueis had come to him personally to teach him the powers of the Spear of Midnight Black and Convection, abilities that had helped him in the Rite of Supremacy. He was the rightful Consul of Clan Plagueis. He was the rightful Dictator of the Jusadih System. He was the rightful Supreme Commander of the Military that defended the Dominion of Clan Plagueis. He had proved this time and again.

“It’s time for a new direction,” the twi’lek said aloud to nobody. “It’s time for a resurgence. There’s nowhere to go but up.”_

Brothers and Sisters of Clan Plagueis

...and whoever else happens to read this

We fought well. Despite our finish, I am very proud of every person who stepped up and submitted a fiction, graphic, or poem, everyone who fought in any gaming arena, and especially proud of our amazing ACC team. We achieved a winning record in the ACC of 60%, defeating 2 other Clans in this event, including one Clan twice.

We have a lot of be proud of as a Clan despite the finish, and I’m still proud to say that I’m your Consul.

We have a lot to look forward to. We have a big fictional series of events coming up in about a month’s time. It’s going to involve our new enemy, and enemy the Summit has spent a lot of time creating. I’m extremely excited for the launch of this.

The future is ours, Plagueis. One of the positive things we can garner from a seventh place finish is that we have no place to go, but up.

From the Wiki

Not much to announce from the Wiki side of things that hasn’t already been announced by Vexxtal, but there’s always stuff to be done. We’re in the process of updating our Wiki articles and the like, and so we’re going to need your help. If you want to lend us a hand, there are a bunch of articles that need updating and I figure, why do it myself when there are people looking for promotions! Give us a shout and we’ll get you set up with an article to update!

RoS Awards

“Why don’t I have my Merit Medal/Promotion yet?”

Hold on! The Summit is going to wait until the Seals are awarded so that we can truly award everyone for their participation in a fair manner. They’ll come, so never fear.

Another Moment with Alaris

Most of you are expecting me to make some comment about how Canada is the greatest nation in the world. Most of you would be surprised if I didn’t rub it in that we just won the Gold Medal game on home ice for the first time ever. Most of you would scratch your heads if I didn’t take this moment to gloat.

I shall not disappoint.

After our 5-3 loss to the Americans one week ago, we buckled down and went back to true Canadian hockey: hit, hit, hit, and score. We reminded the Russians whose game they were playing when we trounced them 7-3. Roberto Luongo showed the Slovakians why he’s one of the best goaltenders in the NHL history. Then, yes, of course, Sidney Crosby, who hadn’t scored a point in either of the two games prior, showed up and pushed a softie past Ryan Miller who was arguably the best player in the entire tournament.

The shouts of “Cros-by! Cros-by!” still lingers in my sobriety-lacking mind, and even at this moment I am wearing my Team Canada jersey and a Canadian Flag as a cape.

This all being said, I MUST give props to the American team. Being undefeated going into the Gold Medal game is no small feat. Hell, even we didn’t do in Salt Lake City, losing our first game to Sweden with Curtis Joseph in net. Ryan Miller was outstanding and never let in more than three against Team Canada, something not even the mighty Russians could do, and never more than one against anyone else. He only allowed six goals on 81 shots. That’s damned good.

Congratulations to the United States of America for a well-fought Olympic tournament, but at the end of the day, Canada wins the Gold.

Life and Death Through Darkness,

OP Alaris Jinn di Plagia (Obelisk)/CON-Wiki-DOC/Clan Plagueis

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