Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Clan Scholae Palatinae Rollmaster Report

March 1, 2010

News and Notices

Whew! Haven’t seen this many awards before. It’s great to see this much activity in the clan. Kalak Ragnose has resigned from his position as Quaestor for HAD. I would like to personally thank Kalak for all his work over the last year and half as Quaestor, and hope he still finds time to participate in clan activities. Emperor Thran has put out a call for a new HAD leader. If you think you’ve got what it takes send him an application.

Promotions and Awards

Javik was promoted to Novice Xannilious Shepard was promoted to Novice. Aro-wan was promoted to Guard. Solus Gar earned a Gold Nova, 3 Silver Nova, a Legion of the Scholar, and 109 CFs. Robin Hawk earned a Bronze Nova, 2 Legion of the Scholar, and 42 CFs. Natth a’Niel Palpatine earned a Silver Nova. Cado H’darr earned a Legion of the Scholar and 116 CFs. Kael Fayne earned 3 Gold Nova, a Legion of the Scholar, a Cr-1A, a Cr-1E, and 4 CFs. Jaden Cardie won a Dark Cross. Angelo Dante earned 2 Silver Nova, 3 Cr-1S, 2 Cr-1A, 2 Legion of the Scholar, and 116 CFs. RevengeX Palpatine earned 12 CFs. Tyno earned 8 CFs. Jeric Cyrin earned 11 CFs. Kazuki earned 12 CFs. Krandon “Jenkins” Rowella earned 2 Cr-1E and a Cr-1A. Xen’Mordin Vismorsus earned a Cr-1E. Aesir earned 2 CFs. Exodius earned 2 CFs. Desdemonea earned a Cr-1S and a Cr-1E. Rayne earned a Legion of the Scholar. Archangel earned 2 Cr-1S. Congrats to all!


Welcome to new member Javik. Farewell to Tiberius di Cloud, who transferred to Clan Plagues.

Shadow Academy

Kael Fayne passed Krath Core. Xannilious Shepard passed Lightsaber Studies and Hand to Hand Combat. Krandon “Jenkins” Rowella passed DB History I and Philosophy III: Force Cults. Well done!




Robin Hawk is running ACII art. Ood is running An Adventure, To be a Poet, Cap the Caption, and Art for Art’s Sake. I’m running a journeyman poetry comp, Ode on a Sith Lord. Thran is running Spring Break.

Standing Orders

Well, there’s lots to do out there. Don’t complain about being bored. If the comps aren’t your cup of tea, rely on the old standbys of the Shadow Academy and DB gaming. As usual, notify your House and Clan leaders, and Master if you have one, of your participation so your activity can be registered.

Krath Priest Draco Maligo Rollmaster Dark Paladin

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