Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


MARCH 4, 2010

Alright, your Rollmaster actually did some stuff this week so I will skip with the boring intro and get to it.


In the continued efforts by the Sadow Conclave to expand the vast collection of ancient artifacts held within the Clan Vaults, they have called upon the Masters and Students of Naga Sadow.

The exact location of the ruins of Tritos Nal’s workshop has been discovered. Tritos Nal was a Sith Lord of the old Sith Empire whom was very proficient in the ways of Sith Alchemy. His workshop on Korriz is said to hold the answer to secrets long forgotten as well as numerous treasures.

The planet Korriz is located in Sith Space and is a hyperpoint of the Inos Corridor which connects the Orian System to Sith Space. The Master/Student pairing will travel to Korriz, investigate the workshop, and bring back whatever secrets or treasures discovered to the Conclave.

Task: Each Master and Student pairing will work together on a fiction to describe their adventure on Korriz.

I would just like to remind all that any Master Student pairing is allowed to participate, both CURRENT and PAST pairings. Click the link above for complete details.


This week a new member was added to the Order. Congrats to:

Krath Epis Tsainetomo Sadow assigned to Ludo Kressh Aedile Raistlin

Look for the Guard for Marka Ragnos’s Aedile this week.


The Temple of Blood was one of the Temples of Orian constructed around the central Palace of Orian. It was modified in early 32 ABY and made into the training center of Order of the Black Guard. The Temple of Blood is the most remote of the seven temples and reaching it is not an easily achieved task.

To read all about the new base of operations click the link.


Renjotas D’uzli is an ancient Sith sword form created and used by Sith Lord Marka Ragnos during the days of the Sith Empire. Very few were taught this technique; however one of the early members of the Order of the Black Guard was knowledgeable of the ways and taught his fellow Guardsmen. This is a tradition that continues to this day with ONLY members of the Order of the Black Guard currently using this skill.

This form requires the user to utilize both the flat of the sword to block and attack. This is done by holding the flat of the sword facing one’s opponent. By using the flat of the blade, the user can crush the bones of the opponent. This is a very useful tool for the Black Guard in their duties to collect information on current and future plots against the Clan. This form also includes a fast paced amount of slashing the opponent with the tip and edge of the blade.

Check the Black Guard website for more details.


So this week we gained a couple of new items for the members of the Order of the Black Guard to enjoy and have fun with. Remember to look for upcoming Black Guard competitions from your Summit members to attain the position and all the goodies that come along with it. Your Consul and Prconsul will be looking for Guardsmen next.

Operation Korriz is just the start of the Master Student competitions I will be holding. I’m hoping this will help the MSP gain some momentum and help the pairings began to work together not only on the Student’s Trials but on other various projects and competitions.

I’ve emailed all members of Clan Naga Sadow from Protector to Apprentice a few days ago. This is an ongoing task of mine to assist newer members in their Trials as well as helping them be active and have some fun. Thank you to those few who answered, it’s much appreciated. For those that haven’t, never fear I will be annoying you again shortly.

Thanks all and keep up the outstanding work.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

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