Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Mucenic Tarthos

A few days later, Fremoc moved through a windstorm in Mucenic, his robes flapping. The disturbance he had felt was haunting his mind, but it had caused him to remember a report that Kano had brought to him back when he was an Aedile. The Templar moved his way through the Temple of Ragnos and down to the Catacombs underneath Mucenic. His old office, as well as Bob's, was down there. He walked through the door and walked towards the desk that was covered in dust. Fremoc began to leaf through the various papers and reports that he had there until he found the one he wanted.

It was Kano's report after he returned from Elom, battered and scarred.


The Divine Reborn is strong. They have 6 Lords, that commands 6 to 12 other Dark Jedi. There is one man that is the leader of the whole organization.

More information in the databanks of my helmet.


Fremoc sighed and remembered the other bits and pieces of information. The leadership in the Divine Reborn was comprised of mostly humans, except for a female Twi'lek. The other Dark Jedi where various species, including Mon Calamarians and Ewoks.

He walked back out of the Catacombs and stood in the rain and watched a small transport travel over the small village, carrying Kalei Basai, his new Black Guard. Bal was upset to see her leave but it was Kalei's turn to serve as a Black Guard. There was only one thing he needed to do, prepare Kalei and Thomas for an attack.


"My lord, we have the weapons maker of those so called Disciples of Ragnos," said Lord Kennex Mariell, the human from Agamar.

"Good. Bring Christopher Obsey in," ordered Master Drosk Nunes. Four member of the Divine Reborn, walked in with the weaponmaker, into Drosk's office on Elom. "Chrisopher Obsey."

"Y-y-yes?" Obsey stammered, he had been woken in the middle of the night and brought to Elom, bound, gagged and blindfolded.

The leader of the Divine Reborn walked toward him handing the weaponmaker a tracking device. "Put this in one of your weapons for the Disciples of Ragnos."


"Because if you, we will reward you with something far better than those so-called Disciples could." The eyes in Christopher Obsey flashed as he imaged what he could earn in return.

"It will be done."


Sorry for the delay on this report ladies and gents. So lets get to it.

With the RoS over, and people finally off their LoAs, the Clan Summit was able to sit down all together and discuss awards for people. All of the awards have been sent in and everyone got their reward. See the Awards Section for everything.

Muz Opened up applications the other week for DGM, no word on who the new Deputy Grandmaster is, but I'm sure that Muz will be making an announcement for that in the next couple days.

Shikyo opened up applications for P:HRLD, which is due tomorrow. Those of you good with graphics send Shik your portfolio and qualifications for the job.

Now, Manji accidentally leaked this on Sunday, but here's the official announcement. On March 13, House Marka Ragnos will be split in half. If you haven't noticed yet, there are two battle teams in this house. Meaning this will be a battleteam versus battleteam Feud. This idea has been kicked around since Jade was QUA, and this is finally going to happen. Anyone wanna guess what the name is? This is the Sith vs Obelisk Internal Feud. Sith versus Obelisk? Well, considering the Night Hawks are currently have a Sith Commander, and the Night Raptors have an Obelisk Sergeant right now. Hence its a Sith vs Obelisk feud. :P In any case, this feud will last for two weeks and have over 5 events each week plus two events that span the two weeks. Rules are simple, you participate, you earn points for your battle team and bonus points for those that are in the top 3. I will be the main judge for this whole thing, with Manji and Taig serving as my back ups if i have complications and could use their advice at times. Where will Good Ole Bob and youngin' Bal be? Oh.. They get to have fun and participate as well. :P What if your not on a battle team? WELL I'll be emailing shortly on which team you would like to serve on, since not everyone in the house is assigned to one, I will be making a note as to which team you are on, so that your team is given the appropriate points. Those people already assigned to battleteams will be staying with their teams for this Feud. No one, will be without a battle team, so that there is a complete split instead of being hap-hazard. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Comps for the House! Until the Feud.... >_<

Operation Korriz Luck of the Sith Testing your reactions Four sides of every Leaf The Forms of Vendetta Connect the dots Extreme edition


Jade: 3 comps approved Passed CoJ 2 Earned a Dark Cross Earned a Dark Savant in Writing and Philosophy Passed Writing Studies

Ekeia: Earned a Steel Cross

Kano: Earned a Steel Cross

Methyas: Earned a Dark Cross

Gavin: Earned a Dark Cross

Bal: Earned a Dark Cross

Kalei: Earned a Steel Cross Earned a Legion of Scholar

Geber Teg: Promoted to Novice Earned a Legion of Scholar

Ylith: Earned Anteian Cross

Bob: Earned a Crescent with an Emerald Star

Quo: Earned a Dark Cross

Fremoc: Earned a Grand Cross of the Dark Side

In summary: -Apply for P:HRLD -Do the Comps available -Lots of Awards -March 13 BE READY!

So, its been an interesting week for me. I had a discussion with my recruiter and he suggested Pararescue Jumper or Combat Controller, these guys are basically the guys you see in the Transformer movies. And they are also considered the Special Ops of the US Air Force, and since I'm a swimmer, and a scuba diver, the recruiter is highly recommending this to me. What does this mean? After my 8 week time at Basic, I'll be sent to one of the schools that I choose. As of right now I'm considering Combat Controller more because its practically the same job as a Pararescue, except I'm the guy that coordinates Air strikes and airplanes in for a landing. Also gets me to jump out of an Airplane and free fall for a thousand feet. :P Also means that this job will take 35 weeks. So none the less, I will be your Quaestor and serve as your Quaestor until it is time for me to ship out, which is still a to be determined date which could mean I'm staying around for a while. :P

WIN: -The epicness of being a Combat Controller

This is great news for you Dave, I wish you all the very best with your career in the forces. I am ex British Special Forces, and thoroughly enjoyed my time served, and made some great friends along the way. The work was hard, determined, seemingly never ending, however it was interesting work, and a chance that i would never have had in civvy street. I got to parachute too, and halo's are the best lol. Take care and keep me posted on your progress


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