Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Gubernatorial Mansion, Markosian City Tarthos

Moving from hall to hall with his walking stick in hand and a small escort about him, the Miraluka smiled weakly at the figures around him. His stick slide quietly along the marble floor infront of him as the group spoke candidly about the going ons of the day before the Governor reached the room he had wanted. Stopping for a moment he turned to his guests and bid them good day before he entered the room and closed the door behind him, quickly lifting his Shikomizue from the floor and holding it in hand as he began to speak roughly to the man on the other end of the line, "Good to see you Captain, now would you kindly like to explain how your unit specifically assigned to defending this planet managed to have a huge security breach a week back?" The Captain quickly started stammering and trying to stutter something off before the Governor spoke again, "You're the Tarthos Defence Fleet are you not? We are housing the headquarters of your security forces are we not?" The Captain continued stammering for a couple of minutes before the Miraluka interrupted again, "Ensure that there is a closer eye on security on this planet while not sacrificing the security of this system or any other major installation and we will be fine; am I clear?"

The was a small paused before the Captain bowed and spoke, "Yes, that all?" With a curt nod from Methyas the transmission ended as he moved to sit at his desk, his eyebrows furrowing deeply as he played with his Shikomizue; the blade sliding from the cane-like hilt before disappearing and appearing as a walking stick again. With a slight sigh from the knock at his door he mumbled lightly to himself, "I'm going to need a stiff drink."

i) News ii) Competitions iii) Specific Updates iv) Activity, Awards and Promotions v) Conclusion

Ok, first report as Aedile and the format really hasn't changed. I'd like to congratulate everyone that participated in Fremoc's house Feud and really hope you're enjoying all those hard earned rewards because I don't think Korras is going to accept anymore from Fremoc for a while. Enjoy this small break because within the next couple of weeks we're moving into another clan based story arc that's going to keep us a little busy for a while and this one is going to be much, much easier to jump into.

I'll be keeping my regular report schedule of Sunday since it's nice and easy to deal with, and as there's not much else to say here, so on we go.

Competitions! I'm sure you've all had MORE than enough of these over the last two weeks, but these things really do pay off for you in terms of promotions and getting to know your house, clan and so on. Here are the current competitions as they stand.

Levia-what? - Submitted by Protector Marcus Kiriyu of HLK, he wants you to dream up some kind of monster and send the details to him for the juicy details and easy crescents. I think Bob's the only one who's entered so far. - Due 03/31

St. Herald's Day - Our good Herald wants a picture of him on St. Patricks day, draw up anything and send it in. Either our drunken Herald having a good time or having a private conversation with the toilet bowl, he wants to see it! - Due 03/31

April Fools - Guardian Mei Ryoko wants the juicy details on how you'd prank someone in the Brotherhood on April Fools day; it can be a picture, a fiction and can be from the lowliest Apprentice upto the Clan Summit! Have fun with it for Crescents! - Due 04/01

Tombs of Wisdom - The Headmaster of the Shadow Academy wants to know what you find in the great halls of the Dark Vault and how it changed you. This vault contains all the knowledge of the Brotherhood and the Force, but remember that what you have access to is limited by rank and position. - Due 04/09

Run Drosk Run! - Remember that guy Drosk from the Divine Reborn? Well for your gaming pleasure we've devised a little game where you can see him run from whatever for as far as he can. Send them in for easy awards! - Due 04/10

My Honor is my Loyalty - Our Captain of the Guard, Bob, wants you to create the logo for the Clan's Order of the Black Guard; this is your chance to leave your mark on the Clan as this will be the logo that the Black Guard bears for many years to come. - Due 04/10

A Herald's Exodus - Our Herald's office wants a picture showing the anniversary of the Exodus from the Emperor's Hammer, use the wiki to learn about the Exodus and send in those pictures! - Due 04/15

Clash of the Drawings - Our very own Araxis Farron sent this one in, he wants a picture that summarizes the new Clash of the Titans movie. Draw anything from the Gods duking it out to the mighty Krakken! - Due 04/ 16

ACC Journeyman Ladder - I know some of our fiercest warriors are in this one, it's a battle of the Clan's mightiest warriors in the Journeyman ranks to see who's our best. The entry period is over but I wish the best of luck to those involved. - Due 04/25

Sadow Training - Rollmaster wants activity, not just one but two competitions this month. Our Rollmaster will reward you for completing exams in the Shadow Academy, the more exams you have finished the better you place. Place in the top three for instant rewards by way of Shinies. - Due 04/30

Within the last week we've seen alot more activity than I could've expected from the House, as I said before congratulations! Now, specifically here are some of the more notable movements within the last week. If I missed anyone I appologize in advance.

Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron has been promoted from Acolyte to Protector. Kano Verda has been reassigned as the Night Raptors Sergeant, good luck their Vod! Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart has been reassigned as the Aedile of Marka Ragnos. Quo-Wing-Tzun has been promoted from Protector to Guardian.

Congratulations to all of the above and everyone else in the House, when the time comes for the next event we'll show them what we're made of.

Awards and Courses:

In advanced, I'm going to warn you of the massive WALL O' TEXT that's coming your way; we worked hard ensuring that Fremoc worked just as hard to get us these awards.

Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron: - Awards: Two Crescents with an Emerald Star and a Dark Cross recieved - Courses: Clan Naga Sadow History, Starfighter Studies, Astronomy Studies and Sith Core passed

Bal Demona: - Awards: Legion of the Scholar recieved

Ekeia Iclo: - Awards: Legion of the Scholar, three Crescents with a Topaz Star, Crescent with an Emerald Star and an Anteian Cross recieved

Fremoc Pepoi: - Awards: Steel Cross recieved

Jade A Sadow: - Awards: Crescent with a Topaz Star and a Dark Cross recieved

Kalei Basai: - Awards: Crescent with a Quartz Star and a Dark Cross recieved

Kano Verda: - Awards: Three Crescents with an Emerald Star, two Crecents with a Sapphire Star, a Crescent with a Quartz Star, a Crescent with a Topaz Star and a Legion of the Scholar recieved

Locke Sonjie: - Courses: Philosophy I: Views, Krath Core, Obelisk Core, Lightsaber Studies, Leadership Fundamentals, Starfighter Studies, Sith Core and Astronomy Studies passed

Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart: - Awards: Five Crescents with an Emerald Star, a Crescent with a Quartz Star, two Crescents with a Topaz Star, a Crescent with a Sapphire Star and an Anteian Cross recieved

Quo-Wing-Tzun: - Awards: Three Crescents with a Topaz Star, a Crescent with a Sapphire Star and an Anteian Cross recieved - Courses: Starfighter Studies passed

Roxas: - Awards: Crescent with a Sapphire Star and a Dark Cross recieved - Courses: ACC Basics, Advanced Lightsaber Studies and IRC Basics passed

Congratulations to all of you in all your hard work in the past week, don't relax yet as some of you are still going to be busy in the coming weeks.

Condensed version for those skipping to the end. - Changes to the House Summit; Kano Verda now Night Raptors Sergeant - Lots of Competitions, jump in for rewards - Promotions to Araxis and Quo! Congrats boys! - LOTS OF AWARDS! Read above if you don't mind the wall o' text.

May shadows guide you Disciples.

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