Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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Greetings Phoenix,

First off i want to apologize, that this report has taken a little longer, the last 2 weeks have been very hard for me, one of my colleagues has terminated and had Monday two weeks ago his last day, as we have not yet found a replacement, we've been overrun by work. Now let us come to the important things. Slowly, really slowly the things here in the Battleteam came back to Life. But this is far from what I expect of you. Therefore again, I mean it very seriously when I say I do not like it, but would not hesitate to replace those who were not participating in the events of Battleteam. Even if you currently have no chance but like to participate, I ask you yet to let me know off that.

What my first Battle Team Competition (From ashes we Rise) is concerned, since I have received no designs from you, I've started to design a new logo for us by my own. I have linked the design which fits mostly to us in two different colour variations and now I would ask you to tell me which version you like better. You can find them right here:

Member Activity

Bubbs made first place in the Battleteam Competition "Smack the Sith", congrats Bubbs, your award will be out very soon.

General News

There is very much going on in the DB, our Grandmaster and the Herald have both put up a report and currently Kir is searching for someone helping him to promote the DB on the Star Wars Fan Wiki. So if you think you can help him get in contact with him. You can see all the News here.


As always you can see the competitions which matters to you here.


Due to the fact that Real Life caught me up very much, i wont be online that much, so if there is any problem you might have feel free to either send me a direct e-mail or consult Sid or Anubis Otherwise i will try to be online as often as possible

Until then

JH RianAslar (Sith)/TET/Ektrosis of Taldryan [ACC: INI]

Great report Rian! Very good job on your English/Grammar for a foreigner! =P

And grats Bubbsy wubbsy on your Crescent! Nothing like an old BTL of Phoenix chipping in when it counts! Though let's see some more participation from the rest of Phoenix!

Fab report Rian, and thanks for the congrats :)

Sid's right guys - come on, I need some competition here, you can't let me run off with all the goodies ;)

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