Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Kragok sat quietly in his chair, his furry fingers intertwined into each other. Much had happened in the past weeks...and of the previous hierarchy he once knew no longer existed. In the blink of an instant after being knocked out; his Aedile had been slain. His Quaestor, transferred out. House Cestus...disbanded. And yet through the whole turmoil, the simple Kushiban knight was the only one remaining. Not only that...despite his betrayal, there was no court martial. There was no expulsion. Instead...he was promoted.

The once meek Rollmaster of House Cestus, had become the first and newest Aedile of House Reinthaler. How this happened...he is still unsure. But he is grateful, especially to Quaestor Saitou for sparing his career and life. Aside from that, his goals now were as strong as ever. And at the moment...his sights are set on his newest assignment. Scouring and investigating the furthest reaches of Yridia III and Yridia VI, to find a place suitable for Reinthaler to call home.

He turned his chair and looked outside of his quarter's windows into space over Yridia VI as the last of the scout ships disembarked and set out for the planet at his command. He would not let Saitou he knew his former companions, now part of Reinthaler as well, would not let him down.

Greetings everyone, and dark salutations.

My name is Raimi 'Kragok' Mistwalker, and as many of you know from your time in House Cestus, I am now your newest and first Aedile here in House Reinthaler. I can tell you all, that you will definitely enjoy your time here and should you have any questions; please feel free to let me or Saitou; your Quaestor; know at any time.

As some of you have heard, we currently have a competition underway that will affect the entire future of Reinthaler from the ground up. And for that, it is up to you. The competition; located here( ) lasts through from today until April 7th; so you have quite a window to get things drawn up and submitted. The winning submission will heavily influence where and how our base is established, as well as other aspects.

Once this competition is completed and our new base established; expect quite a few lore events to be added on (As I would really like a graphical representation of the base's layout possibly...not revealing details until later) so look forward to that as well.

Report Summary

  1. Arrivals & Departures
  2. Medals & Promotions
  3. Competitions --3a. House Competitions --3b. Clan Competitions --3c. DJB-Wide Competitions
  4. Closing Remarks

  1. Arrivals & Departures

On behalf of the Reinthaler Summit, we would like to recognize and welcome the following members to House Reinthaler.

APP Dalton Espitia TO House Reinthaler APP Reno Drega TO House Reinthaler

From the Reinthaler Summit and Members of House Reinthaler, we would like to give best wishes to our departing comrades. Salutations and best of luck, Sithspeed! You will be missed.

KP Kazarelth Talismarr TO Rogues

  1. Medals & Promotions

On behalf of the Reinthaler Summit, we would like to recognize and congratulate the following members of House Reinthaler of their accomplishments.

Legion of the Scholar - Presented to: Saitou Tarentae Legion of the Scholar - Presented to: Giovanni Palermo

  1. Competitions

3a. House Competitions

Reinthaler's Base -

3b. Clan Competitions

Facing the Law - The Legends of Kaerner and Reinthaler -

3c. DJB-Wide Competitons

A Herald's Exodus - ACC Journeymen Ladder - Tombs of Wisdom - St. Herald's Day - #Tarentum Trivia -

  1. Closing Remarks

For this report, that's all I have this week everyone. :) Expect lots of good things to come in the coming weeks. If you have not already done so, please look into one of our Battle Teams; especially if you love Gaming or Writing...or Gaming and Writing. Or Writing and Gaming. Or something random like that...yeah.

Until next sunday...dark salutations, Reinthaler. (Yes, there will be weekly reports during our first months of birth. No, I will not have your children for doing so.)

~Signed in Darkness, DJK Raimi Mistwalker (Krath)/AED/Reinthaler of Tarentum [ACC: INI] AC / DC-CP / Cr-1R-3A-1E-3T-1Q / CF-BlF / LS


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