Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Did you miss me?


Well, Manji pretty much covered it all in his report earlier - if you've not read his, go read it! The only thing I want to mention again is that there is upcoming face-meltage in runon form headed our way soon! If you haven't read Malisane's fiction update yet, go read it now and look out for one from Sai that should be heading for an inbox near you soon- there'll be trouble when Raist and I get back...

Also, those of you (like me) who like ogling at other people's ACC battles, the Journeymen's ACC ladder is open and Teu and Locke are participating. Go cheer them on!

Competitions! There are some! Isn't that nice?

Sadow Training - Bob wants to see how clever you are! Shinies go to the person with the most Shadow Academy courses passed each month.

My Honor Is Loyalty - The Black Guard need a new logo and they want you to make it for them. If you're in any way graphically minded, this is a good chance to show off. Plus, if you win, your creation will grace the wiki for all to see.

April Fool's - This is where you show how hilarious you are writing a fiction or drawing a picture of you dropping laxatives in Manji's Bottle of Sadow or something else equally likely to turn the air around your victim a lovely shade of blue. This is Mei's comp, so I'm sure she'd love to see some of her fellow Kresshians entering - the deadline is this Thursday, so if you had an idea, get on with it!

Star Wars Scramble - Teu put together a word scramble for the whole House - it's quick and fun, so get your entries to her, sharpish!

Levia-what? - Marcus Kiriyu wants you to draw him a picture of a scary Dark Jedi monster. While I'm told the artistic talents of our beloved Rollmaster and Resident Drunk have to be seen to be believed, I'm sure there's more of you who jump at the chance to draw something hideous and tentacle-ridden that will give Marcus, and all the Summit nightmare fuel for weeks to come. It ends on Wednesday!

Tombs of Wisdom - This is that DB-wide competition that Aabsdu put out for everyone - he wants a fiction about finding something interesting in the depths of the Dark Vault.

St. Herald's Day - This comp is due to end very soon, so give Shik something amusing to look at when he returns from boot camp and draw a picture of him post St. Patrick's Day. Nothing says 'We missed you, you lightweight' like a dozen stick figure drawings of him hugging the toilet.


It's been a little while since I needed to put that header into a report I did. It makes a welcome change, though!

Remember my Stick Figure comp in my last report? Well, Bob took home the shiny for a hilarious first place entry in that. Sai got the shiny for my Trivia, which leads me to believe that maybe there are those of you out there who don't know who shot first and are trying to hide it.

Bob passed Force Cults, HTML Basics and Arcona History at the Shadow Academy since I last reported. Marcus Kiriyu was also active in the Shadow Academy recently passed History of the Sith Empire I and II as part of his trials. Locke, who joins us from HMR got a Dark Maven in philosophy.

Bob got three crescents for his doings over in HMR with their recent Feud and another one for first place in Sai's NPC comp. Macron got a Crescent for first place in Operation Korriz. Raist got a Crescent for third place in Sai's NPC comp. Bob got a Legion of the Scholar for the HMR Feud Trivia. Bob got four more crescents for pwning everyone in HMR at pretty much everything. Locke got a Dark Cross for attempting to equal Bob's HMR pwnage.

I think what we can all learn from this is that Bob kicks our collective behinds.

Now, the big news - we have two new Guardians in our midst: Mei Ryoko and Locke Sonjie. I hope you'll all join me in wishing them a hearty congratulations on their achievements! Very well done, guys!

That's all I've got to say for now, until next time! Dyrra

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