Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Hello Kaernites,

Welcome again to House Kaerner and my first Aedile report. Things are moving along nicely here. My opening fiction is finished, and is now being reviewed by Scion and the Clan Summit for approval. I think what we have created as our fictional base will lead to many exciting activities for us and lead our new House to glory!

First, however, some sad news. Last week BT Reckoners’ leader Teia Coran’s grandmother passed away at the age of 93. Teia is doing well and is taking care of her real life obligations. She will return to full DB duty when she is ready. Please join me in sending her our condolences.

Our first two battle teams are nearly filled, and their fiction is being formed rapidly. They both already have a wikipage up. Spectre has several competitions going and the Reckoners have one comp up. They can be found here, just click the “Stuff that matters to me” button:

The Reckoners are a bit less developed with Teia’s absence but will be caught up quickly. If there is anything you would like to contribute to your BT’s fiction start, wikipage, or run a BT comp of your own, please contact Scion, me, and your respective BT leader.

Here is the Reckoners wiki:

Here is the Spectre wiki:

As soon as we finalize the house fiction I will send it out to everyone in the House. It will be lengthy but remember it will serve as the base for everything we do as a House from here out. It is very important that you read it thoroughly so that when it comes time to contribute to Wikipages, creat NPC’s, participate in RO’s, etc. you are familiar with what House Kaerner is all about. After the release of the fiction, look for a huge House Kaerner kickoff activity within the next couple of weeks. We are not sure exactly what it will be, but I assure you it will be epic!

House Kaerner now has its own wikipage up here:

It is woefully barren now but will fill up quickly after the fiction is released. There are also several opportunities on the Wiki for volunteers to earn some shinies. More to come on that later.


Everyone welcome Mechronage to House Kaerner!

Jagen: Awarded Cr-T for 2nd place in Caption Fun Several comps approved

Mechronage: Competition Approved: The Dark Lords

Teia: Competition Approved - Battle Team Motto

Zero Raven: Awarded Cr-E for 1st place in Caption Fun

Carter: Completed DB Basics SA Exam Promoted to Acolyte - Nice Work!

Xergo Mao: Completed Dark Brotherhood Basics SA Course Completed IRC Basics SA Course

That is all for now!

Look for that fiction soon! Spectre, get on those comps! Reckoners, start thinking of your motto and submit to Teia’s comp!

If you are not in a BT and are going to be active, you need to pick either the Spectre gaming BT or the Reckoners fiction BT. If you are active and do not pick a BT, Scion and I will decide which one is best for you and place you there, so if you have a preference please email Scion, me, and the BT leader you choose ASAP!

SW Tyyravis Nami Dantes (Sith)/AED/Kaerner of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1] AC / DC-CP / Cr-11S-9E-3T-1Q / CF / DSS / SI / LS-BL / S:-3B


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