Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Greetings everyone!,

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for another Gaming Battle Team Report!

The Tuesday Rule...

This section pertains to how i am going to send out BTL Reports: Every Tuesday is report day. There are only two exceptions to the Tuesday Rule. 1) I am sick or on a vacation of some sort 2) There isn't enough news/activity to write a full report. With both exceptions the report will be carried over onto the next Tuesday. Mmkay? Cool.

Spectre News...

THE SPECTRE WIKI PAGE IS NOW UP Yes, thanks to Nami sending me a draft of the house fiction i was able to fill in a short history section and a small tid bit of the location. I deemed this wiki material so i posted it :P It's still in the works though as i definitaly need to beef it up a little bit. You can see it here: Spectre Wiki Page

I still need you all to send me a small paragraph/blurb about your character. It'll only take you like.. 2 minutes to write. Just type it into this email and i can copy/paste it into the Wiki Page. Please do it :P

Activity Records...

Zero Raven: Participation in Graphics Competition Has trivia competition in the works

Imil C. Currently holds 1st place in the fiction comptition!

Xergo Mao Passed IRC Basics w/ 88%! Shadow Academy Bonus Rounds Points: 2 (1st place)

Carter Joined Spectre, welcome him! Character Sheet Approved DB Basics Passed Shadow Academy Bonus Round points: 1 (2nd place) Registered on DB Forums Participation in Graphics competition Most awarded in my report this week!!


Title: [Spectre] Team Motto Specifics: Battle Team Spectre needs a Motto! Please come up with the coolest mottos that you can (something that defines us, is unique, and very awesome.) The best motto will be used as the team motto, and the top three will be Start Date: 3/23/2010 End Date: 4/12/2010

Title: [Spectre] Team Logo? Specifics: Greetings Spectre, I would like for us to be a well known and thriving Battle Team. To do this, weā?Tll need a banner to instill fear in our enemies. What I would like you to do is create this banner. Those of you with graphics skills will be making a logo for the BT, the best I get will be used as our personal banner, and the top three will receive crescents. ~Jagen

Title: [Spectre] Gaming Bonus Round (Spectre Edition) Specifics: Finally! A gaming competition for the gaming Battle Team! Yes. You now have a chance to show off your skills in this gaming BT. Any and all gaming sent to me in addition to requesting your CFs will counts as points in this competition (1 point per match, 5 kills = one match so a score of 5-3 = 1 match). At the end of the comp period the three with the most points will earn crescents.

Title: [Spectre] Shadow Academy Bonus Round (Spectre Edition) Specifics: In this competition, members who pass SA tests will earn 1 points towards victory. Earning Dark Mavens will grant an additional 3 points, and Dark Savants and additional 5. The top three at the end of the competition period will be awarded crescents

Title: Spectre Specifics: Greetings Spectre, As has been done with many groups, I would like to feature our most active members with an activity competition. The most active member of each month will be featured on Spectreâ?Ts wiki page with their ceremonious title which I am still trying to create :P. As just a means of appreciation for being a great member.

The Shadow Academy and Gaming Competition end 4-23, all of the others end 4-12.

Title: [Spectre] Team Induction Specifics: With the start of all BTs, members need to be inducted. This is your chance to tell your story. Members who participate will write a minimum 1 page, 12 pt. font fiction piece about how they were inducted into Spectre. The top three entries will receive crescents. Start Date: 3/23/2010 End Date: 4/12/2010

The Rest

Go Participate in the Competitions!!! Do some gaming!!! Earn some merit awards!!!

Gaming. I have a question for all of you. As i hate gaming ( :P ), i am going to need your help with running the gaming side of this Battle Team. If you would like to see something gaming wise happen, email me with any comments you may have. I can keep requesting gaming competitions, mixing up the gaming "topics", and try to promote it the best i can. But i would like to hear your input on the gaming side of things.

Wiki Blurbs.

Go get the wiki blurbs in to me, por favor.

  • Wiki page is up
  • Tuesday rule is now in effect
  • 6 competitions to take part in!
  • Let's game it up! Hit me up on IRC if you want to play some JA

I'll see you all next Tuesday!, ~Jagen

-- DJK Jagen Phoenix (Krath)/TET/Kaerner of Tarentum [ACC: INI] DC-CP / Cr-2S-1E-2T / S:-2U


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