Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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Uknown Location

A Dark Jedi Knight. These words raced through Kano Verda's mind as he focused on the silver hilt laying before him on the LAATi control panel. Kano reached down into himself and yet the hilt would not move. This problem had been growing over the past months after the massive war on Salas V. As the time past he simply believed they were weak from the battle and would be regained with practice and hard work, he was wrong. The more he pushed himself the weaker his powers became up until they completely stopped.

It had been two weeks since that had happened and the powers were nowhere to be found. Kano now found himself traveling to Antei for a meeting with the Grand Master Muz Ashen. Kano had an idea of what he would say to attempt to stay in the Brotherhood while lacking powers and he also knew it would be very hard to convince the Grand Master of this idea.Kano entered the Grand Masters private office, something he was not expecting at all and the doors closed behind him.

After several hours of deep conversation Kano left the office with a packet of folders held in his arm and the empty spot on his belt where his lightsaber had once hung. Kano looked through the folders and said aloud to himself so that the idea could sink in.

"Now Independent House Ordo begins. A welcome home for all Mando'ad."

A great day this is. Mandalorians are now welcome in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. True Mando'ad, not Mandalorian/Jedi combos. This House will be composed entirely of battle ready Mandalorian Warriors on exclusive contract to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. That doesn't mean we still can't do our side work, a man's gotta make his way in the galaxy.

I guess for some of you who are wondering about the name Independent House Ordo I should do some explaining. It is named after Canderous Ordo, also known as Mandalore the Preserver, he was leader of the Mandalorians in the time following the Jedi Civil War, and the first Mandalore since the end of the Mandalorian Wars. A veteran soldier, he fought during both conflicts as well as in the Great Sith War. He joined the Jedi Revan in his quest for the Star Forge and traveled with the Jedi Exile during the First Jedi Purge. He united the scattered clans of the Neo-Crusaders, even as he stood beside the Exile against the Sith Triumvirate. After the destruction of Malachor V, Canderous parted ways with her and awaited Revan's return from the Unknown Regions readying for a war with an unknown threat.

For those of you wishing to join the ranks of IHO I have already set up a place for us to chat. Just go into #IHOrdo on mIRC.

Get those transfers in and let's show these Jetiise how we roll.

Nice first report Kano. I hope this works out for you and the members who join your Independent House!

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