Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


Whoo!! Long overdue Report Number 3!!

** -News- **

First off, I am very sorry that this is about a month overdue. Real life has not liked me very much lately but now I have gotten most all of my school work done so this will not happen again. Secondly I would like to say that the Night Hawks did an excellent job in the house feud and though we lost we still had great participation. Third, there is some awesome stuff coming up as hopefully you all have been reading in the fictional updates lately and I cannot wait for that. Seems like that will be pretty epic. Last but not least, the new banners were created by Kalei (Thanks) however I have decided to just use the main banner as they were pretty large and I haven't resized them yet, but when I get that done they will be up..

** -Competitions- **

There are quite a few competitions out there for all of you to participate in with more on the way and here they are.

April Fools

*This competition ends tonight so hurry up and get your submissions in.

Tombs of Wisdom

*Ends April 9th

My Honor is Loyalty

*Ends April 10th

Run Drosk Run

*Ends April 10th

Night Hawks Flash Game

*Ends April 12th

A Heralds Exodus

*Ends April 15th

Dark Side Poetry

*Starts on April 5th and ends on April 15th

Clash of the Drawings

*Starts on April 2nd and ends on April 16th

Bash the Quaestor 2

*Ends April 30th

Sadow Training

*Ends at the end of each month until June 30th

** -Activity- **

*Character Sheets were approved for Kalei, Locke, Dyr, and Sarconn. *Locke has passed the Clan Naga Sadow History, Philosophy 1: Views, Krath Core, Obelisk Core, Lightsaber Studies, Leadership Fundamentals, Starfighter Studies, Sith Core, Astronomy Studies, and has completed the Advancement Survey. *Sarconn has passed the Sith Core and the Krath Core.

** -Awards and Promotions- **

-Note that on the awards, the awarding of Seal of Bones from the Rites of Supremacy is not done yet, there are still more of those on the way but Korras is taking his time with that so that technical issues do not arise.

*Sarconn has been promoted from Apprentice -> Novice, and then from Novice -> Acolyte. *Ylith has received an Anteian Cross. *Ylith has received a Seal of Bone. *Bal has received an Antein Cross. *Bal has received a Legion of the Scholar. *Kalei has received a Crescent with a Topaz Star *Kalei has received Seal of Bone x5. *Kalei has received a Crescent with a Quartz Star. *Kalei has received a Dark Cross. *Ekeia has received a Steel Cross. *Ekeia has received a Crescent with a Topaz Star x4. *Ekeia has received a Seal of Bones x2. *Ekeia has received a Legion of the Scholar. *Ekeia has received a Crescent with an Emerald Star. *Ekeia has received an Anteian Cross. *Ekeia has received a Crescent with a Ruby Star.

** -Real Life- **

Not much really, except a lot of homework and getting ready to graduate. Luckily though, I have been working hard and have gotten ahead with all my school work which means loads of extra time for super awesome DB stuff.

Until next, ~DJK Ekeia Iclo

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