Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

So it's report time for me! Hip hip hurray!

Alright, so recently Taig resigned from PCON but hasn't officially stepped down just yet, because he has a couple projects that he wants done before he officially steps down and wants to help choose his successor.

Also, Apps were opened a while ago for the Voice and the Fist of the brotherhood. The Fist of the Brotherhood is still open for applications and should be chosen sometime next week. The Voice was announced last night in Muz's GM report, Halc, the former CM, MAA, DGM, and a bunch of other things, has stepped into the position. Expect some interesting stuff coming from there in the next few weeks.

During Muz's report he made the announcement of one of the new medals that we heard a while ago about. For any ACC win, official run on, or RPG session, from yesterday forward, you will be receiving a Cluster of Ice or as it will be on our ID lines, the CI. Looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to find out what else Muz and Korras has in store for us in terms of new medals. :D

Speaking of Korras, he recently opened up applications for P:MAA which are due May 5th.

Guess I should continue with other apps open? RHoJ is open until later today, so if your interested in being a Hand of Justice apply for it.

Now getting to the House stuff. Ekeia and Kano are working on stuff for their battleteams, adding stuff to their respective wiki pages.

Project RetCon is at approximately 50%. Only a few more pages have to be reworked and added information.

Now for the big announcement, which it isn't every day you see someone promoted above the rank of DJK. Kano was seen fit into receiving a promotion by the summit to the rank of Equite 1, aka Obelisk Templar. Congrats my friend.

Feira "Echoe" Elleiria: -Promotion to Novice

Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron: -Promotion to Guardian -Awarded a Degree in Philosophy

Ekeia: -Awarded a Seal of Loyalty

Kano: -Promotion to OT -Won an ACC battle over Jendan

Methyas: -Lose an ACC battle to Korroth Karn

Fremoc: -ACC rank promoted to CL:3 -Awarded a Seal of Loyalty

Bash the Quaestor 2 Spinning Bubbles Quaestor Fiction Beginning Praetor Presents

The Night Hawks and Night Raptors have been working well with each other when one team doesn't have 3 entrants, Kano or Ekeia emails the other team opening the other comp to them for 3 extra days to participate. Good job you two on getting the cross battleteam comps going.

-3 open positions. Apply for them -Kano = OT -Nice activity -BT Cross comps

So real life went a bit hectic yesterday. I'm now working two jobs (I'm a lifeguard), one at a pool at the beach the other up at my other house. But yesterday I was working at the pool down at the beach, and a kid went under water and began to panic. Immediately I jumped in and grabbed the boy and pulled him to the surface. The kid is fine now, just swallowed water. Me on the other hand I literally was shaking after I rescued him. I've been a guard for 5 years and I haven't had to rescue anyone. So yeah, that was my day. How was yours?


Until next time: Fremoc Pepoi

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