Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Hello. My name is Etah dTana. You may or may not know me. I am former Quaestor of Galeres and have been with Arcona my entire stay in the Brotherhood. I have served as Battleteam leader technically 3 times, but only once with any amount of longevity or results. I have served as AED twice, QUA the once and now I am in the Roll-Master position but my title under reb00t is Magistrate to the Consul. Like most magistrates I am a staffer for special projects.

My current project is overhauling the Clans DJB Wiki articles. This involves three things #1) Updating existing articles #2) Creating new articles based on a Clan Prospectus that Ive written and is currently in production and #3) streamlining a system for updating wiki articles in the future so they do not become outdated like they have.

Wiki Articles

Team Organization

The Prospectus is currently under editing and review by the Lord Consul and will then be published on the DJBWiki article by my Wiki Editor, our very own Luciferus. By the time that happens I would like to have raised a full team including at least two artists (we currently have none), three or four grammatical editors (we currently have two) and as many article writers as we can get our greedy hands on.

I tried this on my own before and was spectacularly unsuccessful so this time I am asking for your help. This is your chance to serve the Clan Arcona and aid us in a lasting way. I dont have the authority to promise anything but I will do everything I can to work with the Clan Summit to get wiki Team members awarded and promoted. I am sure participation will weight fairly heavily for journeymen.

For this project we will need symbols, planets, cityscapes, landscapes, people, things, action scenes etc. We desperately need artists and if you would like to volunteer for that all I am asking for are two pieces of art not yet used in any comps and I would like you to describe the process you used to create them.

If you would like to volunteer for article writer I would like two to three writing selections in pros format, not yet published or used in a competition. No minimum length.

If you think you have the chops to be a grammatical editor, describe your qualifications and I would like you to edit this report and sent it back to me.

Myself, Dash and the Clan itself is counting on many of you to step up and volunteer to help move this process along as soon as possible.

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