Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

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** News **

First off, if you have not seen it already, there is a new Consul report out and a new Grand Master report out. Both are very good reads. Go check them out. Secondly, I am still working on plans for a Night Hawk Wiki History update and am looking for volunteers to help out with it, so let me know if you would like to be a part of it. I have also got some ideas to bring back an old system in the Night Hawks that had fictional ranks and possessions, that was quite a lot like the Disciples of Ragnos possession and ranking system, so I would like to hear some input on what you all think about doing something like that. Other than that, it was a fairly quiet week. Lots of activity in the current run-on, but other than that and a few submissions to competitions, not much has been going on.

** Competitions **

There are quite a few competitions out there for you all to participate in, several of which end soon and even more coming up.

[HMR] Spinning Bubbles <- Ends April 28th Praetors Presents <- Ends April 30th Quaestor Fiction Beginning <- Ends April 30th Bash the Quaestor <- Ends April 30th Defying the Laws of Tetris <- Ends May 3rd The Bounty <-Ends May 8th Sadow Training <-Ends the last day of each month until June 30th.

** Activity **

It has been a rather slow week as far as activity goes. I saw that a few of you submitted into some comps and got yourselves some crescents, but other than that it has been fairly quiet. I hope to see you all more active in the upcoming week outside of just competitions. I will be doing the same.

** Awards and Promotions **

*Ylith Atema received a Crescent with a Quartz Star *Sarconn received a Crescent with an Emerald Star

** Real Lifes **

Real life has not been very nice to me this past week. My computer with all my graphics programs is being weird and not working so I cannot work on my graphics at home, which really frustrates me, especially when I am in that mood to work on them. Also, I am anxiously awaiting the results of my science final for my online course. It was a hard test and I have to pass the final to receive the credit which I have to have to graduate, and if I do not get it I do not know what I will do or what will happen. This coming week is filled with mandated state testing that is really just a joke, so hopefully it will not be so stressful and I can get a lot done that I have been planning for a while.

** Conclusion **

-More Activity! -Lots of Comps to participate in -Real life hates me but I have a half day on Tuesday which is awesome!

Until next, ~DJK Ekeia Iclo

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